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Why is custom logo design important? A logo is the first impression of your brand.

We will work with you to create a custom logo that connects with your target audience and speaks to your brand. It will be memorable and conjure up the right feelings and emotions that are relevant to your new business.

What is included with your new logo design?

  • 2 Original Logo Concepts from which to choose
  • 3 Revisions of chosen design
  • Final artwork files with Photoshop or In-Design file, a high resolution PDF and a high resolution png or jpeg file.
  • 100% Ownership Rights
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


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Original, custom, designed logo.

According to a study on logos, they are most memorable when they have a clear and simple design. Think of prestigious logos like Nike, Apple, Google, and Coca-Cola. All are fairly simplistic, easy to identify and classic with a long-life span.

Color choice is an important part of your logo design.  We will assist in finding the right color choices for your brand look. Colors that match the personality and style of your business.

Font choice is equally important. Is your brand solid, serious, whimsical, fun, cutting-edge, technical? The font in your logo will reflect the type of business you want to convey to your new customers.

There are many important decisions to be made when choosing a new logo. We will ask the right questions and design the logo that is right for your business.

Below are a few of the many logo designs we have done in the past:


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