Q&A Marketing Research

‘Because the Answers Lie in the Questions.’

Quenzel Marketing Research has conducted quantitative and qualitative research projects on two continents for over 15 years, making us a leader in domestic and international business, brand, marketing and customer research. Q&A Voice of the Customer Research℠ provides unique insights into your core target customers’ beliefs & perceptions about the relative value of your core product features & services, the added-value of enhanced benefits you offer and any unique, competitive ‘tie-breakers.’ The research also provides insight into your core target customers’ competitive perceptions (value proposition, differences, purchase risks, etc.) & competitive preferences.

Quenzel Marketing Research helps business owners, managers and marketers make better choices. By isolating groups of customers and prospective customers based on such variables as category preferences, brand choice, demographics, media habits, purchase consideration and purchase behavior, business owners, managers and marketers have unique new insights to guide critical marketing decisions such as channel mix, promotional strategies and product development.

Quenzel Marketing Research Services: Q&A’s Marketing Research team focuses on understanding buyer behaviors. Utilizing a variety of consumer, company, customer, key stakeholder, employee & competitive research techniques (Customer Value-scoring & Segmentation research, Customer Needs research, & Buyer-Values research, Customer Experience Satisfaction research, Brand Relevance research, Customer Messaging Architecture research), we provide our clients a data-driven analysis of their current position and a fact-based set of conclusions upon which the executive team can confidently make decisions on the most prudent course of future action.

Quenzel Marketing Research conducts custom online, telephone a