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Agency Approach

Utilizing an integrated problem-solving approach that combines voice of the customer research & detailed analysis on the performance of previous marketing, advertising & sales efforts; the advertising agency team on your business provides a written, fresh-eyes business, brand & marketing review along with an integrated quick-start solution to grow your business.

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Agency Approach

Using a combination of branding, advertising, sales, website design & digital marketing, the advertising agency team on your business develops, deploys & tracks integrated new customer acquisition, current customer optimization & best customer retention marketing campaigns that will help your business… Get More Customers.

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How Q&A Marketing Agency Jump-Starts Growth

Healthcare Advertising Agency Creative

Effective Healthcare Advertising

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How an Advertising Agency Presents & Manages Your Practice is Critical to Success. Our advertising agency’s approach enables businesses in the healthcare field to efficiently and cost-effectively strengthen their competitive business, brand and market positioning.

By identifying the key drivers of patient choice, understanding how your brand delivers what the patient values and successfully communicating those unique values and qualities at the heart of your healthcare practice, products and services to prospective customers, we can better identify the key barriers to behavior change & apply the best marketing levers to drive growth. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Effective Healthcare Advertising Starts with a Strategy Grounded in Making an Emotional Connection. Our agency’s approach to effective advertising starts with a strategy grounded in making an emotional connection with your core target customer. We do this by understanding and appealing to the target customer’s critical satisfaction drivers delivering a message the prospect considers meaningful and relevant or, in other words, ‘for people like me.’ That’s one reason… Our Clients get more Customers.

Retail Advertising Agency Creative

Connecting with Today’s Retail Shopper.

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Our Retail Advertising Agency Team understands that driving store traffic requires the delivery of a highly meaningful message to a prospective customer. The most effective retail advertising grows out of a clear understanding of what truly motivates a prospective customer to visit your store. To ensure we consistently deliver the right information about the right products & services to the right customers at the right time with the right offer we analyze your existing customers, prospective customers & competitive position. Our retail creative advertising agency team then reviews your current messaging; recent advertising efforts & quantifies your brand value proposition.

Our Retail Advertising Agency Team analyzes your past-period metrics & develops proprietary sales-funnel ratios. Then, pour retail advertising agency team quantifies your business objectives, allocates the advertising budget, develops specific advertising action plans & computes the advertising ROI projections for those plans.

Our Retail Advertising Agency Team crafts your advertising message in a way that helps people relate it to past positive experiences, their current needs and future desires. This approach allows our retail creative advertising agency team to create advertising that breaks through the competitive noise with a highly meaningful message. When coupled with an enticing offer and strong call to action, we find… Our Clients Get More Customers

Destination Advertising Agency Creative

Attracting New Visitors to Your Destination.

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Integrated Destination Advertising The role of integrated advertising, in any business, is to help prospective customers decide which of an array of competing products, services and providers will be the best solution to their problem.

Our Destination Advertising Agency team’s approach to advertising your destination ensures we clearly identify the core target visitor for growth, understand the competitive barriers to success, set specific measurable advertising and business objectives, allocate advertising investments in accord with the objectives & strategies, develop specific advertising plans to overcome the key consumers barrier to change & accurately track, measure, analyze & report results on all advertising efforts to increase visitors to your destination.

That means, whether your goal is to grow the number of new visitors from existing origin markets, entice new visitors from new origin markets or turning around declining visitor traffic from current markets; our destination advertising agency team can help your destination… Get More Customers.

Hotel Advertising Agency Creative

How Q&A’s Resort Hotel Advertising Team Puts More Heads in Beds.

Hotel Advertising Agency | Naples Bay Resort | Quenzel Advertising Agency Fort Myers
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Resort Hotel Advertising: Our agency understands that the quality of your strategic thinking drives your competitive advantage in the marketplace. We understand that winning in the marketplace starts with putting the right business, brand, marketing, sales and advertising strategy in place.

Resort Hotel Advertising Strategy: In most cases, our resort hotel advertising clients can apply a variety of advertising solutions to the business, brand, marketing, sales & advertising problems they face in the marketplace. Some advertising strategies will be more effective at driving results than others. Some advertising strategies will cost less than others. The resort hotel advertising agency team at Quenzel & Associates identifies, implements and tracks the most efficient & effective resort hotel advertising solution for your particular situation and objectives.

Resort Hotel Advertising Approach: Q&A’s Fresh-Eyes Advertising Review and Quick-Start Advertising Action Plan process helps our resort hotel clients identify an integrated business, brand, marketing & advertising strategy that’s uniquely right for them… maximizing both advertising effectiveness & cost-efficiency. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Restaurant Advertising Agency Creative

How Q&A’s Restaurant Advertising Team Grows Covers & Check Size.

Restaurant Advertising Agency | 1500 South Restaurant & Bar | Quenzel Advertising Agency Fort Myers
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Q&A’s Restaurant Advertising team understands that acquiring new dining customers, optimizing revenue from existing customers & retaining your best customers in today’s more intense, more demanding and more complex competitive environment requires more than just  doing what you’ve always done… only better. Restaurant owners and managers looking to win in today’s market place recognize the need for fresh-eyes and fresh approach.

Q&A’s Restaurant Advertising team helps our restaurant clients achieve their business, brand & advertising objectives by analyzing the relationship between their core revenue sources and major advertising cost drivers. By analyzing a restaurant client’s historic revenue and advertising metrics our restaurant advertising team can develop advertising models to guide future advertising investments.

Q&A’s Restaurant Advertising team quantifies the actual number of new customers required to achieve our restaurant client’s overall covers, revenue-per-cover and total revenue goals.  Based on our restaurant advertising team’s analysis of a restaurant client’s historic revenue and advertising metrics,  we  can accurately project the required advertising budget to achieve the growth targets. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Product Advertising Agency Creative

Product Advertising Agency | Aqua systems | Quenzel Advertising Agency Fort Myers

Product Advertising that Moves Product.

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Product Advertising Today: Today, a prospective customer for any business enjoys a significant advantage over previous generations of buyers. Enabled with easy access to information & empowered with an unprecedented ability to compare options before making a choice, business owners and managers face a potential buyer that’s far more savvy and demanding than ever before.

Creative Product Advertising: Developing creative product advertising… the kind that effectively sells your product or service… requires identifying the one thing most important to the core target customer for your product, that’s unique to your product & provides an element for creative added-value persuasion. When coupled with clear objectives, the right marketing investments and accurate results tracking & reporting of all actions taken, we find… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Q&A’s Product Creative Advertising Agency Team: When our product advertising team talks about an element for creative added-value persuasion, we mean a creative advertising concept, creative advertising message or creative advertising idea that identifies or addresses a real customer need or desire and connects your product, service or brand to that customer need or desire in a way that makes potential customers believe your particular product or service is the best possible solution for them.

Marine Advertising Agency Creative

Plotting a Course for Success.

Marine Advertising Agency Creative | Captains For Clean Water | Quenzel Branding Agency Fort Myers
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Identifying a Client’s Best Path to marketplace success, or what our advertising agency calls an Integrated Brand Advertising Strategy, requires a high level of strategic thinking on a broad range of business issues.

It starts with asking the right questions. How should your business serve the customer? What combination of product attributes, benefits, service levels, added-values, price points, etc. maximizes a prospective customer’s purchase intent and actual purchase behavior? What customer experience would give your business a competitive advantage?

Our advertising agency’s Integrated Brand Advertising Strategy process helps our clients clarify the answers to the strategic business, brand, advertising, customer and competitive issues they face and express those strategic choices as your Brand’s Value Proposition. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Construction Advertising Agency Creative

How Q&A Builds a Solid Foundation for Your Advertising.

Construction Contractor Advertising Agency Creative | Florida Coastline Construction | Quenzel Marketing Agency Fort Myers
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Q&A’s Construction & Contractor Advertising programs provides residential and commercial builders and contractors an efficient and effective way to grow their business. Q&A’s Construction & Contractor Advertising team helps contractors and those in the construction industry quantify their business objectives, allocate advertising budgets to achieve those objectives, develop specific advertising action plans & compute the ROI projections for those plans.

Q&A’s Construction & Contractor Advertising team creates the advertising communications strategy (message & design), prepares all necessary advertising materials (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online, etc.) for the advertising launch, installs the advertising tracking tools, monitors the success of each advertising effort in the plan and handles the monthly advertising R.O.I. reporting. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Q&A’s Construction & Contractor Advertising team has a track record for consistently, effectively & efficiently driving growth gives your business a fast competitive advantage in the marketplace. So, whether your business challenge (or opportunity) involve entering new markets, growing existing markets or turning around declining markets, you’ll find… Our Clients Get More Customers.


When you work with Quenzel & Associates, you access more than 30 years of world-class experience designing, developing & delivering effective new customer acquisition marketing programs, efficient revenue optimization marketing programs for your current customer & energizing customer retention & loyalty marketing programs for your best customers.

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