Colleen Quenzel – Biography

Colleen Quenzel, the agency’s Founder, President & CEO, leads all Account Management services. In this role, she manages all client relationships to ensure 100% client satisfaction. She also manages the Q&A client account teams responsible for delivering each client’s MarCom (marketing communications), Digital Marketing & Website Marketing programs.

Colleen first displayed her entrepreneurial spirit while studying at The University of Texas in Austin, when she launched her first business. Like the Texas Longhorns, she was Hooked.

After achieving her degree in Advertising, she sold her business and moved to Houston, Texas where she worked as a stockbroker for the Paine-Webberaffiliate, Rotan-Mosle. While Colleen loved using her analytical skills to help her clients grow their stock portfolios, she craved a business environment founded on a relationship and collaborative partnership.

After a few years, Colleen decided to pursue her passion for marketing atQuality Beverage, the biggest wine & spirit distributor in the state of Texas, at that time. At Quality Beverage, she launched several new beverage brands into the marketplace, including Kendall-Jackson, Gallo Varietals, and Bacardi Breezers. Colleen’s beverage marketing experience proved invaluable as she learned first-hand the importance of extending a brand’s equity across all consumer touch points… from brand to bottle to bar.

After almost a decade in the beverage industry, Colleen moved to the Northeast for a senior position with Synapse Group, the leading magazine subscription agency in the United States. She successfully launched a new business for Synapse building a new distribution channel, selling 5M+ subscriptions annually. She identified, acquired and managed 22 strategic partners, including such leading consumer brands such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Universal Studios, and American Express. Within three years, revenue topped $20M annually.

The purchase of Synapse Group, by Time, Inc. gave Colleen the opportunity to move to London, England where she joined her husband, who had taken a position as the CMO tasked with the assignment of launching While living in London, Colleen traveled throughout Europe, extensively.

After moving to Florida, Colleen founded Quenzel & Associates, Inc. Colleen is President & CEO. Quenzel & Associates is a Branding, Advertising, Website Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Fort Myers, Florida.

Colleen lives in Fort Myers, Florida with her husband Earl, her chocolate lab, Jaz (the office mascot) and her two feline friends… Reo & Top Cat. She enjoys dining, entertaining & winning every game she plays!