Quenzel Marketing Agency Fresh-Eyes Review

Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review Process

Q&A Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review: Q&A’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review is the foundation upon which we built our agency’s commitment to help… Our Clients Get More Customers. The days of automatic growth are over. Today power flows from an informed and empowered customer. Q&A’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review provides a proven, formal, structure for information gathering, insight organization and fact-based decision making.

Whether you need a new Business, Brand or Marketing Strategy; more effective Customer Acquisition, a more satisfying Customer Experience or better Customer Retention & Loyalty; Q&A’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review provides unique thought-leadership to energize your Branding, Advertising, Website Design and Digital Marketing, which means… your business Gets More Customers.

Q&A’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review isolates the big ideas to motivate the customer behavior change you want to see in the marketplace. It identifies the best way to drive your results more effectively, spend your marketing budget more efficiently and create a more sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. The Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review documents a fact-based, understanding of your core target customers’ critical satisfiers & how you & your competitors rate on the key drivers of choice. The outcome: better understanding of your customers, competitors & value proposition… from the customer’s point of view.

To help our clients take a fresh look at their customers, their brand, their marketing efforts & business performance, we start by conducting Q&A Voice of the Customer Research℠. This research identifies and quantifies the most important benefits your core target customer looks for when choosing one brand over another. Next we quantify your core target customers’ perceptions of your brand’s value propostion as well as your key competitors’ value proposition.

After identifying and quantifying the critical drivers of brand choice important to your core target customers and understanding their perceptions of how well you and your competitors deliver against their expectations, we turn our attention to crafting those insights into a refined brand value proposition, brand message and creative strategy that better connects your business to your core target customer’s needs and desires.

While the customer research phase of your Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review is underway, our team is also analyzing your past marketing programs, marketing activities and marketing metrics. We review your past marketing performance & develop marketing metric ratios and benchmarks summarizing the impact of your marketing investments on the end-to-end funnel from leads to prospects to sales to revenue. Q&A Fresh-Eyes Marketing team develops a score card ranking the various marketing efforts you’ve deployed. They also review the results data from previous periods and develop end-to-end sales funnel ratios for use in projecting the return on future marketing actions & investments.

Finally, the team wraps up your Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review with a written summary of our key findings, observations & relevant implications for your new brand marketing efforts.

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Fresh-Eyes on Your Core Customers & the Competitive Options

  • Who’s making the buying decision?
  • What need drives their purchase decision? What benefits do they expect? What’s most important?
  • When do they recognize a need? When do they start looking? When do they decide? Purchase?
  • Where can we find them? Where do they learn about their options?
  • Why do choose one brand over another?
  • How do we effectively reach them?
  • Who do they view as a viable option to your brand? Who do they prefer/use?
  • What do customers think competitors do well? Do poorly? What advantage do we have?
  • When do your key competitors typically advertise?
  • Where do your key competitors invest their advertising dollars?
  • Why do people choose other providers instead of your brand?
  • How can we effectively and efficiently beat your key competitors?

Fresh-Eyes on Your Brand Benefits & What’s a Winning Value Proposition

Q&A Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review - Brand Wheel

Rational Benefits: Quantify the relative value the customer places on the basic functional benefits your brand, product or service provides.

Sensory Benefits: Quantify the relative value the customer places on the sights, sounds, smells, tastes & feel of the physical product, packaging or delivery process your brand, product or service provides.

Emotional Benefits: Quantify the relative value the customer places on how they feel about themselves and what other people think when they use of your brand, product or service.

Similar & Unique Benefits: Identify which of your brand, product or service benefits customers view as competitively unique. Quantify how unique and how important they are to the customer.

Fresh-Eyes on Past-Period Marketing Metrics & the Revenue Funnel Ratios

  • Marketing Spending by Day/Month Online & Offline Media Budgets.
  • Impressions by Day/Month Online & Offline Media Impressions.
  • Leads by Day/Month. Web Visits. Phone Calls.
  • Prospects by Day/Month: Store Traffic. Appointments. RFP/RFQs.
  • Sales by Day/Month: Number or Unit of Sales. Sales Revenue
  • Spending to Impressions Ratio.
  • Impressions to Web Visits. Phone Calls.
  • Web Visits to Store Traffic. Appointments. RFP/RFQs.
  • Phone Calls to Store Traffic. Appointments. RFP/RFQs.
  • Prospects to Unit Sales. Sales Revenue.

Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review

While each client’s situation is unique, Q&A’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review can usually be completed within one of three time spans. A small or new business with a small customer base and limited product line can be completed within 20 to 40 hours. A mid-size business with 5,000 to 10,000 customers and/or multiple product lines usually requires 40 to 60 hours of agency time. A large business with more than 10,000 customers, multiple product lines and/or operates in multiple locations can take 60 to 80 hours of agency time. That means the one-time cost for a Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review ranges from $2,500 to $5,000 for a new or small business, from $5,000 to $7,500 for a mid-size business and from $7,500 to $10,000 for a large business.

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