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Prong (prôNG) noun
Each of the separate parts of an attack or operation.

Quenzel Marketing Agency attacks each client’s marketing challenges or marketing opportunities with a 3-pronged approach. Q&A’s 3-pronged Integrated Brand Marketing Management approach and methodology reflects our automotive marketing, business-to-business (B2B) marketing, construction marketing, travel destination marketing, healthcare marketing, hotel marketing, marine marketing, product marketing, restaurant marketing, realtor marketing and retail marketing experience, which shows that the quality of an organization’s strategic thinking, the effectiveness of its marketing execution, and the efficiency of its marketing spending drives its competitive position in the marketplace.

1.)  Strategic Marketing Services: The first prong of Q&A’s 3-pronged Integrated Brand Marketing Management approach and methodology begins with the implementation of 3 key Strategic Marketing Services designed to help each client refine their Customer, Brand & Marketing Strategy: Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review, which provides a data-driven, fact-based understanding of a client’s business, brand and marketing situation, Voice of the Customer Research, which identifies and quantifies unique, new customer and competitive insight and closes any knowledge gaps revealed during the Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review; and a Quick-Start Marketing Action Plan, which leverages the data, research and insights developed from the Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review and Voice of the Customer Research to deliver an actionable game plan for quickly improving each client’s results.

2.) Marketing Campaign Management: The second prong of Q&A’s 3-pronged Integrated Brand Marketing Management approach and methodology continues with the crisp, efficient and effective marketing campaign execution of 3 distinct but integrated business building efforts to achieve each client’s key objectives. Q&A’s Customer Marketing Management approach focuses on helping our clients: Acquire more new customers for their products and services, Optimize revenue from their current customers’ product and service purchases; and Retain high-yield/high-volume customers’ share of wallet (revenue and margin).

3.)  Campaign Marketing Metrics: The third prong of Q&A’s 3-pronged Integrated Brand Marketing Management approach and methodology concludes with the implementation of Q&A’s Campaign Marketing Metrics service, which delivers actionable information for improving both the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of future marketing campaign efforts by providing: Accurate marketing campaign results tracking, Insightful marketing campaign results analysis, and Clear marketing campaign results reporting.

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Pronged (prôNGd) adjective
Having a specified number of parts or approaches to an attack or operation.

Quenzel Marketing Agency understands that for any organization competing in today’s marketplace, a competitive advantage means the difference between surviving and thriving. Like many marketing agencies, we talk to business owners, managers and marketers almost every day. Some run a thriving business. Some run businesses barely surviving. Most run an organization somewhere between surviving and thriving. We’ve observed that the major difference between those surviving and those thriving comes down to 3 basic factors. For just about any organization competing for business in today’s marketplace, the quality of its strategic thinking, the effectiveness of its marketing execution, and the efficiency of its marketing spending makes the difference. It’s what drives its competitive position, relative to every other organization it competes with in the marketplace.

Quenzel Marketing Agency exists to drive competitive advantage for each client we serve. To drive a competitive advantage for each client we serve, our marketing team started thinking about the nature of ideas. What’s the difference between an idea, a good idea, a strategic idea and a good strategic idea? We thought about which marketing analysis activities and which marketing planning services deliver quality strategic thinking… every time. We thought about effective marketing campaign execution and what it takes to deliver it… every time. We thought about marketing budgets, marketing spending and the ways they could be made more efficient for each client we serve.

Quenzel Marketing Agency’s team went to work and developed an integrated marketing approach that provides each client with the right marketing analysis and marketing planning services, marketing campaign execution services, and marketing investment measurement services tracking they need. Our marketing team went one step further (which they always seem to do) and detailed a specific methodology to ensure each business, brand or marketing challenge we take on for a client delivers the type of quality customer and competitive insights that can executed to deliver the most  effective marketing campaigns and be accurately tracked, analyzed and measured to show the return on every marketing campaign investment each client makes with our agency.

Fort Myers, Florida Marketing Agency - Get More Customers

Looking for a Marketing Agency to Help You Take Care of Business?

Quenzel Marketing Agency understands that today’s business owners, managers and marketers operate in a complex, cluttered & highly competitive marketplace. Every member of our team looks at Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Website Design and Digital Marketing from a Business Perspective. Our team understands it’s about delivering RESULTS. NOW.

Quenzel Marketing Agency works with local, regional, national and international clients on both a retained & project basis. We serve clients in most business sectors, but we bring special expertise and experience to business owners, managers and marketers operating in the Automotive, Business Products & Services – B2B, Consumer Products & Services, Construction & Contractor, Destination Travel, Healthcare, Hotel & Resorts, Marine, Real Estate & Restaurant sectors.  That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Quenzel Marketing Agency clients get a comprehensive approach to growing their business, with added accountability for success. By tasking our marketing team with preparing an annual business, brand and marketing performance analysis as well as preparing annual marketing plan recommendations; our clients make better use of their time (and their team’s time) which frees them up to focus on better business, brand & marketing ideas and investment decisions.

Quenzel Marketing Agency clients see a fast improvement in their business results. Our team’s extensive marketing, branding, advertising, website design and digital marketing experience, with some of the world’s largest brands, means you can count on our excellent track-record to help your business acquire more new customers, optimize revenue from your current customers and retain the loyalty of your high-value/high-volume customers.

Creative. Competitive. Customer-Centric. To learn more about why our clients get more customers and how we can help your business grow, Click Here: Get More Customers.