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Marketing Agency Services | Quenzel

Our Marketing Agency Builds Marketing Momentum, Fast

  • Strategic Marketing Services: Our marketing agency helps clients refine their Customer, Brand & Marketing Strategy. Our marketing agency’s unique Voice of the Customer Research process quantifies customer and prospective customer’s perceptions & preferences. New customer insights help us refine your brand strategy & message. The new, customer-focused brand value proposition drives the Marketing Strategy to deliver the desired business results.

  • Marketing Communications Services: Our marketing agency incorporates the full range of brand messaging, brand marketing, creative concepts, copywriting, graphic design, creative production, media advertising, media planning, media buying, media management, direct mail marketing, direct response marketing, website design, website development, website optimization, eMail marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing,pay-per-click marketing and digital marketing.

  • Marketing Analytics & R.O.I. Service: Our marketing agency ensures each client’s marketing campaign integrates into an optimal blend of new customer acquisition, current customer optimization and best customer retention marketing that delivers the desired business result. By tracking the results of all  marketing investments daily and reporting those results monthly our marketing agency quickly identifies ‘what’s working and what’s not.’ Our focus on measurement, supported by our exclusive Q&A Marketing Metrics process, enables our clients to… Get More Customers.

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Integrated Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency | Quenzel

Creative. Competitive. Customer-Centric. Quenzel & Associates is a Client’s Marketing Agency. We’ve sat in your seat. We look at Marketing, Branding, Advertising, Website Design and Digital Marketing from a Business Perspective. We understand it’s about RESULTS. NOW. The principles at our marketing agency bring extensive client-side experience to your business. While running marketing, branding, advertising, website design and digital marketing at some of the world’s largest brands, the partners at our marketing agency have been responsible for acquiring new customers, optimizing revenue from current customers and retaining the loyalty of their brand’s best — high-value, high-volume — customers. Our entire approach to creating & producing innovative & effective marketing programs is focused on Building Your Business… Fast.

  • Quenzel Marketing Agency knows that in today’s complex, cluttered & highly competitive marketplace; the quality of your strategic thinking, the effectiveness of your marketing execution & the efficiency of your marketing spending drives your competitive advantage. Our marketing agency develops, deploys & tracks new customer acquisition, current customer revenue optimization & best customer loyalty retention marketing campaigns.

  • Quenzel Marketing Agency works with local, regional, national and international clients on both a retained & project basis. Our marketing agency team serves clients in most business sectors, but we bring special expertise and experience to business owners, managers and marketers operating in the Automotive, Business Products & Services – B2B, Consumer Products & Services, Construction & Contractor, Destination Travel, Healthcare, Hotel & Resorts, Marine, Real Estate & Restaurant sectors.

  • Quenzel Marketing Agency takes an Integrated Marketing Communications approach to winning. Our clients get the right competitive strategy, effective marketing campaigns & efficient use of their financial resources. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Full-Service Marketing Agency

Entrepreneurial. Energetic. Experienced. Whether your business, brand or marketing situation requires a more effective Customer Acquisition process, unique Brand Touches to positively distinguish your brand’s customer experience from competitors or a growing base of Loyal Customers; our marketing agency provides strategic & creative thought-leadership, precise marketing deployment & comprehensive results tracking to help your business Get More Customers.


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Integrated Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency | MarCom

Unique Customer INSIGHTS. Better Business RESULTS.

  • Integrated Marketing Agency clients get a comprehensive approach to growing their business, with added accountability for success. By tasking our agency with preparing an annual business, brand and marketing performance analysis as well as preparing annual marketing plan recommendations; our clients make better use of their time (and their team’s time) which frees them up to focus on better business, brand & marketing ideas and investment decisions.

  • Integrated Marketing Agency clients get full support from the agency’s marketing strategy team which prepares monthly plans, within the approved budget, to achieve our client’s business objectives. This includes detailing the specific actions, activities & efforts the agency will implement on behalf of the client including any Marketing Communications (TV, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail, collateral & event marketing), Website Marketing or Digital Marketing efforts.

  • Integrated Marketing Agency clients get full support from the agency’s creative team (copywriting & graphic design), production team (produces and traffics all marketing materials per each media/vendors’ specifications), media team (negotiates terms, places orders, verifies delivery and reconciles invoices) & Marketing R.O.I. performance tracking & reporting team which handles monthly metrics on the performance of all client marketing efforts the agency manages.

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Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review

Marketing Agency | Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review

Quantifying Key Barriers & Success Levers

We Seek & See the BIG Picture: Our marketing agency’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Reviews put the focus on Customer Facts & Competitive reality. They provide unique, new insights about your core customers’ belief system, expectations and behaviors which helps us uncover new ways for your business to Get More Customers. Our exclusive Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review process lets us get to the bottom of the things efficiently and effectively so we can deliver a strategic plan with tangible actions that lead to positive bottom-line results, quickly.

  • Fresh-Eyes Marketing Reviews quantify the most important elements of a client’s Brand Value Proposition and Marketing Mix. The Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review team working on your business will quantify the key drivers of brand choice within the business category in which you compete, measure the relative value customers place on the various products and services you provide and determine which elements of your business value proposition customers perceive as noticeably different & better than the competition.

  • Fresh-Eyes Marketing Reviews isolate the Big Ideas to motivate consumer behavior change. The process we’ve developed helps our clients sift out the critical customer data, prioritize the relevant competitive facts & develop meaningful insights into both. A fresh, data-driven, understanding of how the target customer sees your business, feels about your people, products, services and competitive alternatives enables new opportunities for identify or develop or creating a competitive advantage for our client in the marketplace.

  • Fresh-Eyes Marketing Reviews encapsulate your critical business, brand & marketing issues in a crisp fashion that details the trade-offs between competing issues. By providing business owners, managers and marketers a strategic framework for making the best business, brand and marketing choices, they decisions, actions and investments for the best way to win in the marketplace become clear. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Quick-Start Action Plan

Marketing Agency | Quick Start Marketing Action Plan

Defining the Best Way to Win.

  • Quick-Start Marketing Action Plans detail the specific actions our marketing agency will execute to turn the customer, brand & marketing strategy into a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Quick-Start Marketing Action Plans specify the tangible brand marketing, advertising, website design and digital marketing actions to generate more leads, convert more prospects, maximize revenue from current customers and retain high-value/high-volume customer’s loyalty.

  • Quick-Start Marketing Action Plans specify the required priorities, budget allocations, tactical commitments, accountable teams, monthly milestones & key metrics to quickly build competitive advantage. Quick-Start Marketing Action Plans integrate the optimal blend of new customer acquisition, current customer optimization and best customer retention marketing to deliver each client’s desired business results.

  • Quick-Start Marketing Action Plans identify the specific tools, methods and processes we will use to track all marketing campaign efforts. To ensure the marketing programs our agency develops and deploys deliver the desired business results, we track results on a daily basis and report those results on a monthly basis. Our monthly R.O.I performance reviews with client mean we quickly identify what’s workingwhat’s not and make adjustments to improve results… and save you money.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Automotive

Marketing Agency | Marketing Agency Creative Volvo

How Our Marketing Agency Jump-Starts Growth

  • When our marketing agency talks about Creative we’re talking about effectiveness… about what works. Our marketing agency understands that it’s only Creative if it sells. Developing Creative Marketing that Effectively Sells your product or service requires clearly identifying the one thing that’s most important to your core target customer, unique to your brand & provides a creative element for added-value persuasion.

  • When our marketing agency talks about creative elements and added-value persuasion, we mean any marketing concept, communication or idea that identifies or addresses a real customer need or desire and connects your product, service or brand to that customer need or desire in a way that makes potential customers believe your particular product or service is the best possible solution for them.

  • When our marketing agency couples the one thing most important to your core target customer and added-value persuasion that makes potential customers believe your particular product or service is the best possible solution for them with clear objectives, the right marketing investments and accurate results tracking of all actions taken, we find… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Business B2B

Marketing Agency Creative for Mathews

Business Marketing | B2B & B2C

  • Our marketing agency helps business clients refine their Customer, Brand & Marketing Strategy. Our marketing agency’s unique Voice of the Business Customer Research process quantifies business customer and prospective business customer’s perceptions & preferences. New business customer insights help us refine the brand strategy & message strategy for your business.

  • Our marketing agency provides B2B business clients with a full range of creative, production, media advertising, direct mail marketing, website management, eMail marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing and digital marketing capabilities. Because of the unique nature of each client’s marketing situation, goals and budgets vary, we tailor an integrated marketing campaign suited to each client’s unique business marketing situation.

  • Our marketing agency ensures each business client’s marketing campaign includes the right blend of new customer acquisition, current customer optimization and best customer retention marketing. We track the results of all marketing investments daily and report those results monthly. Our focus on measurement, supported by our exclusive Q&A Marketing Metrics process, enables our business clients to… Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Construction

Construction Marketing Agency Creative

Laying the Foundation for Growth

  • Our marketing agency provides efficient and effective Construction & Contractor Marketing programs that help residential and commercial builders and contractors grow their business.

  • Our marketing agency team helps contractors and those in the construction industry quantify their business objectives, allocate marketing budgets to achieve those objectives, develop specific action plans & compute the ROI projections for those plans.

  • Our marketing agency team also creates the brand marketing communications strategy (message & design), prepare all necessary materials (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online, etc.) for the marketing launch, install the tracking, test the reporting and monitor the success of each effort in the plan. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Destination Travel

Marketing Agency | Sanibel, Florida

How Our Marketing Agency Drives New Visitor Growth

  • Our marketing agency utilizes an Integrated Marketing Communications approach to help prospective visitors to your destination decide which of the vast array of competing destinations, destination services and destination providers will be the best solution to meet their travel needs.

  • Our marketing agency provides a comprehensive Destination Marketing approach that ensures we clearly identify the core target visitor for growth, understand the competitive barriers to success, set specific measurable objectives, allocate marketing investments in accord with the objective & strategies, develop specifc plans to overcome the key consumers barrier to change & accurately track, measure, analyze & report results on all destination marketing efforts to grow visitors to your destination.

  • Our marketing agency approach to destination marketing means that whether your goal is to grow the number of new visitors from existing origin markets, entice travel from new origin markets or turning around declining visitor traffic from current origin markets… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Healthcare

Healthcare Marketing Agency Creative

How Our Marketing Agency Grows Patient-Paid Services

  • Our marketing agency applies a unique combination of qualitative Voice of the Customer Research and quantitative marketplace testing to help our clients identify and/or better understand their core target customers’ needs, expectations, behaviors & belief system.

  • Our marketing agency’s approach helps clients quantify the current behavior of their core target customer… when do they feel the need that triggers buying behavior, when do they act on fulfilling that need, where are they like to be when the need triggers, where do they seek a solution to that need, why do they choose one brand (solution) over another, how do they evaluate the purchase process and use of the solution they selected?

  • By clearly understanding our clients’ current customers’ behaviors and comparing that to the desired behavior (choose our client’s brand), we can better identify the key barriers to behavior change & apply the best marketing levers to drive growth. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Resort Hotels

Hotel Marketing Agency Creative for Hawks Cay

How Our Marketing Agency Puts Heads in Beds

  • Our marketing agency understands that the quality of your strategic thinking drives your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Winning in the marketplace starts with putting the right business, brand and marketing strategy in place.

  • Our marketing agency understands that in most cases, clients can apply a variety of marketing solutions to the business, brand & marketing problems they face in the marketplace. Some marketing strategies will be more effective at driving results than others. Some marketing strategies will cost less than others.

  • Our marketing agency developed a Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review and Quick-Start Marketing Action Plan process to help our clients identify an integrated business, brand & marketing strategy that’s uniquely right for them… maximizing both marketing effectiveness & cost-efficiency. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative | Realtor & Real Estate Marketing

Marketing Agency | Realtor Marketing Agency

How Our Marketing Agency Grows Listings & Sales.

  • Our marketing agency’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review and Voice of the Customer Research help our clients see their customers, competitors, brand and business from unique, new perspectives. Our marketing agency team leverages these new perspective to identify new opportunities for growth. Our marketing agency team turns these insights into a new or refined brand value proposition, brand position and brand message.

  • Our marketing agency’s Quick-Start Marketing Action Plans turn opportunities into focused actions to help our clients acquire more new customers, optimize revenue from their existing customers and retain their best customers through loyalty retention programs. Our marketing agency team works closely with our client’s to ensure crisp execution of the marketing plans for growth.

  • Perhaps most importantly, however, our marketing agency team brings a sharp focus on marketing R.O.I. tracking, analysis and reporting, which enables continuous improvement in our client’s business results. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Retail

Marketing Agency | Integrated Marketing Agency Creative for Bailey

How Our Marketing Agency Drives Store Traffic, Unit Sales & Revenue

  • Our marketing agency understands that driving store traffic requires the delivery of a highly meaningful message to a prospective customer. To ensure we consistently deliver the right information about the right products & services to the right customers at the right time with the right offer we conduct research among your existing & prospective customers. We quantify your competitive position, the effectiveness of your messaging and marketing efforts & the health of your brand value proposition.

  • Our marketing agency team analyzes your past-period metrics & develops proprietary sales-funnel ratios. We quantify your business objectives, allocate your marketing resources to those efforts that address the most important business objectives, develop specific action plans & compute marketing ROI projections for those plans.

  • Finally, your marketing agency creative team crafts your marketing & message so that people can relate it to their past experiences, current needs and future desires. Our marketing agency’s approach means our clients get a highly meaningful message that breaks through the competitive noise. When coupled with an enticing offer and strong call to action, we find… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Restaurants

Restaurant Marketing Agency Creative

How Our Marketing Agency Grows Covers & Revenue-Per-Cover

  • Helping our Clients Achieve their Business, Brand & Marketing Objectives starts with identification of their revenue streams (broken out by key product or service category) and major marketing cost drivers.

  • By analyzing our clients past-period marketing metrics, revenue-funnel ratios, cost per customer & average customer tenure our marketing team can develop lifetime value models to guide future marketing investments.

  • By quantifying the actual number of new leads, prospects and customers required to achieve our clients’ overall sales, revenue, cost & profitability goals we can accurately project the required marketing budget to achieve the targets. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Marketing Agency Creative: Marine

Marine Marketing Agency Creative

Charting the Route to Success

  • Identifying a Client’s Best Path to marketplace success, or what our marketing agency calls an Integrated Brand Marketing Strategy, requires a high level of strategic thinking on a broad range of business issues.

  • It starts with asking the right questions. How should your business serve the customer? What combination of product attributes, benefits, service levels, added-values, price points, etc. maximizes a prospective customer’s purchase intent and actual purchase behavior? What customer experience would give your business a competitive advantage?

  • Our marketing agency’s Integrated Brand Marketing Strategy process helps our clients clarify the answers to these strategic business, brand, marketing, customer and competitive issues and express the strategic choices made as your Brand’s Value Proposition. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Quenzel Marketing Agency: Q&A

Quenzel Marketing Agency Can Make a Real Difference in Your Business. We can be one of your business’ most valued assets. We like creating new ideas to win. We like to have some fun doing it. We love working with companies in transition. We love working with people willing to question the status quo. We love working where everything is possible. We love the opportunity to bring new concepts & processes to the table & then make them work for you.

  • Who We Help: Our marketing agency team helps business owners, managers and marketers in 12 market segments… Business/B2B, Product, Real Estate, Healthcare, Restaurant, Retail, Hotel, Destination, Travel, Construction, Contractors & Marine… Get More Customers.

  • What We Do: Our marketing agency team designs, develops, deploys & tracks integrated marketing campaigns that help our clients acquire more new customers, optimize revenue from current customers and retain their high-value/volume customers. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

  • When You’ll See Results: Our marketing agency team typically our conducts a Q&A Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review, details a Quick-Start Action Plan, produces new creative, installs the R.O.I. tracking tools & launches your new campaign within 4 to 6 weeks. Thats one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

  • Where We Serve Clients: Our marketing agency team helps local businesses in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Sanibel & Naples… regional clients in Miami, Orlando, Tampa & Jacksonville… and national brands in NYC, Houston & Los Angeles… Get More Customers.

  • Why Our Marketing Approach Helps Clients Get More Customers: Our marketing agency’s Continuous Performance Improvement process: Good, Better, Best… Never Let it Rest… Until Your Good Gets Better… and Your Better Becomes the Best. That’s why… Our Clients Get More Customers.

  • How We Measure Success: Our marketing agency’s proprietary results tracking & analysis methodology, Q&A Marketing Metrics, provides clients a unique, powerful, Big-Data process for making better creative, media & spending decisions, so… Our Clients Get More Customers.

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Recent Marketing Agency Blog Posts

Q&A Client News: Bailey’s General Store

Bailey’s General Store

Lee County, Florida’s largest annual business event, is the Industry Appreciation Awards. Presented by The Horizon Council, Horizon Foundation and Lee County Economic Development office, the awards honor local businesses that make a significant contribution to the economy.

This year, Bailey’s General Store earned The LocalLEE Grown Business Award. The award recognizes a company founded in Lee County, Florida which is distinguished by its operational excellence and commitment to the vibrancy of Southwest Florida’s business climate.

Providing groceries, hardware and gift items to the Sanibel-Captiva community since 1899, Bailey’s General Store is one of the oldest locally-owned companies. Still operated by Bailey family members, the company now has 100 full-time employees and has added a second location at the Sundial Resort on Sanibel.  Bailey’s also created Sanibel Captiva Catering Company, which employs an additional 10 Lee County residents. To learn more about the folks at Bailey’s General Store and their commitment to operational excellence and the vibrancy of Southwest Florida’s business climate, watch the video below:

By |Retail Marketing Agency|

The Story of the Orange & Our Florida Marketing Agency

The Story of the Orange Icon & Our Florida Marketing Agency

Icon Graphic used by the Florida Marketing Agency, Quenzel & Associates.

Our Florida Marketing Agency uses an Orange icon as a graphic design element in our new business marketing materials, presentations and on our website. Prospective clients are often curious about the Orange icon. What it means, or… Why we use it. If you’re curious about what an Orange has to do with a full-service, integrated marketing agency, please read on:

The color Orange is Bright, Vibrant & Energetic. In other words, Mentally Stimulating.

Although historically used to symbolize the values of Strength & Endurance, most people associate a sense of Nurturing with the color Orange.

To many, Orange represents Change… from Day to Night as the sky turns a golden-orange at sunset or from Summer to Winter as the leaves turn a reddish-orange in Fall. In other words, it’s a color on the Edge… the edge of day and night or Summer and Winter.

Because Orange stimulates energy, lively conversations & good times, many associate Orange with the trait of Sociable. Feng Shui experts back-up this view with claims that Orange brings Fame & a Positive Reputation.

As a Florida Marketing Agency, we see the Orange as a symbol of our brand’s personality… Bright, Vibrant, Energetic, Strong, Enduring & Warm. It symbolizes how we want our clients & business partners to think & talk about us. It symbolizes what we try to bring to the party and what we do every day for every client… Stimulate lively conversations on new ways to improve their Reputation & Fame. In other words, to help Our Clients Get More Customers.

The Science Behind the Idea.

It also helps us emphasize the importance we place on strategically-driven creative. We’ve observed & learned that a brand’s Messaging Architecture & Graphic Design plays a critical role in a brand’s’ success. The bright orange color attracts the human eye so the brand gets noticed. 

The curvy wedge is a more pleasurable design object to view than a sharp, hard edged visual. As the eye & mind perceive the visual it helps generate positive feelings which then get transferred or become associated with our brand.

Finally, the visual is competitively unique which helps people remember our brand from all the others.

A human’s brain contains over 100 billion cells which connect with up to 7,000 other brain cells. This ‘network’ is the most complex analysis & decision-making system in the world.

Influencing that system to pay attention to your message, understand it, retain it, feel a preference for it and change behavior to your benefit as a result of it requires a deep understanding of how the mind works. The following super-summarizes what we’ve learned from Neurobiology experts about how the mind works.

  • The mind’s perceptive process begins when the eye transmits what it sees to the occipital lobe of the brain, where it’s registered as an inverted, two-dimensional representation of the object.
  • The brain interprets what it sees, turning the inverted two dimensional viewed object into an upright image with a three-dimensional appearance.
  • People don’t notice this instantaneous process on a conscious level. Why? Because of the brain’s massive ability to quickly process vast amounts of visual stimuli.
  • In fact, the brain’s massive ability to quickly process vast amounts of visual stimuli, leads many to believe their opinions are carefully considered and well thought out, when the reality is that they happen extremely quickly and mostly on an unconscious level.
  • Research shows that once someone’s formed an opinion about something they read or ‘saw’, it’s very hard for them to change their opinion. Sometimes, even in the face of contradictory facts.

The conscious awareness and recall of a frequent and highly visible message can influence a person’s perceptions about a company’s overall image and the ‘perceived quality’ of that company’s products and services. This can ultimately giving businesses greater control over their image.

By |Marketing Agency Leadership|

Colleen Quenzel: Founder & CEO

Meet Colleen Quenzel – Founder, President & CEO

Colleen Quenzel displayed her entrepreneurial spirit at a young age. While studying at The University of Texas in Austin, she launched her first business. Just like the Texas Longhorns, she was ‘Hooked.’

After achieving her degree in Advertising, she sold her business, moved to Houston, Texas and worked as a stockbroker for the Paine-Webber affiliate, Rotan-Mosle. After a few years, Colleen decided to pursue her passion for marketing at Quality Beverage, the largest wine & spirit distributor in the state of Texas, at that time. At Quality Beverage, she launched several new beverage brands into the marketplace, including Kendall-Jackson, Gallo Varietals and Bacardi Breezers.

After almost a decade in the beverage industry, Colleen moved to the Northeast for a senior position with Synapse Group, the largest magazine subscription agency in the United States. She successfully launched a new business for Synapse building a new distribution channel, selling 5M+ subscriptions annually. She identified, acquired and managed 22 strategic partners, including such leading consumer brands such as United Airlines, American Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Hyatt Hotels, Universal Studios, and American Express. Within 3 years, revenue topped $20M annually.

The purchase of Synapse Group, by Time, Inc. gave Colleen the opportunity to moved to London, England where she joined her husband, who had taken a position as the CMO tasked with the assignment of launching While living in London, Colleen traveled throughout Europe, extensively.

After moving to Florida, Colleen founded Quenzel & Associates, Inc. Colleen is President & CEO. Quenzel & Associates is a Branding, Advertising, Web Design & Internet Marketing Agency in Fort Myers, Florida. Agency clients include Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa, Denmark Interiors, Dr. Ralph R. Garramone and many more.

Colleen lives in Fort Myers, Florida with her husband Earl, her chocolate lab, Jaz (the office mascot) and her two feline friends… Reo & Top Cat. She enjoys dining, entertaining & winning at every game she plays!

By |Marketing Agency Leadership|
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