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Prong (prôNG) noun
Each of the separate parts of an attack or operation.

Quenzel Marketing Agency attacks each client’s marketing challenges and opportunities with our integrated 3-Pronged Marketing approach. Unlike most ad agencies that were founded and staffed by people from the advertising creative world, Quenzel Marketing Agency was founded, built and staffed by experienced brand-marketers with global brand marketing experience.

Q&A’s 3-Pronged Marketing approach and methodology reflects our experience helping both small and large organizations. Our experience shows that just 3 core success factors differentiate those organizations that get by and those that thrive. We’ve learned that it all comes down to the quality of an organization’s strategic marketing thinking and planning, the effectiveness of the organization’s marketing campaign execution, and the efficiency of its marketing spending.

Q&A’s 3-Pronged Marketing approach isolates the optimal value proposition for your core target customer, identifies your most effective messaging and marketing strategy to drive the desired customer behavior, delivers integrated marketing campaigns on time and within budget, and provides advanced marketing R.O.I. tracking, reporting and analysis for continuous improvement in your marketing response rates and overall business results.

Q&A’s 3-Pronged Marketing approach and methodology consistently delivers an immediate 20% to 49% increase in response rates..


Helping clients get more customers for the past 16 years; we’ve seen just two sure-fire marketing strategies for driving significant year-over-year business growth

  1. Fund a significant budget increase to support more marketing efforts, or
  2. Create a significant response-rate increase from your marketing efforts.

While both strategies can consistently deliver significant year/year growth, one is vastly more preferable and profitable for both our clients and, our agency ultimately for it results in long-term client relationships.

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Learn Why Our Clients Get More Customers & How We Can Help Your Business Grow!

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B2B and B2C Marketing

In some hands, marketing has reached the status of a science. Causes and effects have been tested, analyzed, understood, and proved. Under able direction, established methods of procedure based on well-proven principles and correct facts, not theories and opinions, make marketing one of the safest business investments.

  • Customer Acquisition Marketing

  • Customer Optimization Marketing

  • Customer Loyalty Retention Marketing

By focusing on prospective customer behavior barriers and levers, Q&A helps clients determine the optimal marketing strategy to drive profitable growth through a significant increase in your marketing campaigns’ response rates; instead of a substantial increase in your marketing campaign budgets.

Q&A’s Marketing Campaign Management team handles the end-to-end execution of all traditional media advertising, digital media advertising, pay-per-click marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and website marketing (search engine optimization, content marketing, conversion marketing)  efforts to help our clients:

  1. Acquire new customers,  at a profitable cost-per-acquisition.
  2. Optimize revenue from current customers, with cross-sell, up-sell & other marketing programs.
  3. Retain high-yield and high-volume customers by adding value, without diluting profits.
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Branding Services

‘The more someone feels a particular need or desire and the more they perceive your brand as the best possible solution to that need or desire, the bigger your brand becomes.’ That’s what we call… Brand-Building.

  • Branding
  • Brand-Building
  • Brand Marketing


Seldom is a sale based on price, a product feature, or a service benefit alone.

Instead, a sale results when the totality of many factors in the buyer’s mind — needs, wants, features, benefits, price, reputation — results in a favorable emotional attitude, not just toward the product or service you’re marketing, but towards you… the seller.

Put another way, today, the market no longer automatically rewards those with the best-funded budgets for traditional, digital, and social media advertising.

Today, the market rewards those that precede their marketing efforts with the most robust understanding of what truly matters to people.

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Advertising Services

‘Frequent, highly visible & relevant advertising can influence people’s perceptions and favorably build confidence & trust in a business or organization. Ultimately, this shapes consumer behavior.’

  • Concepts & Copy
  • Graphic Design
  • Media Management

To reach the right prospects with the right message at the right time about the right product or service with the right offer and the right call to action our agency advertising team takes a modern, data-driven approach that differs from how most traditional advertising agencies work.

Advertising Creative & Production Services: Our agency’s creative & production teams turn advertising strategy into action-producing behavior. From creative concepts, copywriting, script writing & digital content to layouts, graphic design & storyboards to TV, video, radio, print, outdoor, direct mail, collateral & digital production, our advertising agency team applies the lessons learned about effective advertising to create & produce advertising that’s appealing, informative, believable, convincing, likable, true-to-life, worth remembering & worth acting upon.

Advertising R.O.I. Services: Q&A understands that a variety of advertising media & messages can produce results. We also know some advertising media & messages work far better than others. By providing clear data on what’s working & what’s not our advertising R.O.I. services team helps each client improve their advertising decision-making, and their business results.

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Our agency’s web design team helps local, regional & national businesses define a more effective website strategy to grow their business.

Web Design Services

  • Design
  • Development
  • Optimization

Web Design: Effective web design requires a working knowledge of three different but inter-related factors. Effective web design must encompass your customer’s expectations of your brand, the major search engines’ ranking algorithms and your business’ need for cost-efficient management & maintenance of the site.

Website Development: Technology can make building a website as easy as point & click. In fact, many businesses start with a point & click site. However, businesses quickly learn there’s a big difference between a simple point & click website and a that website that gets ranked at the top of the major search engine’s results pages, turns your website browsers into buyers and grows your business in a cost-efficient manner.

Website Tracking: Q&A’s website performance improvement team measures the impact of your website on your business results. We meet each month with each client & hold our agency accountable for measurable website results that tie directly to each client’s business results.

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Digital Marketing

Quenzel’s Digital Marketing Agency Team provides the full range of digital marketing services to help… Our Clients Get More Customers.

  • eMail & PPC

  • Online Video

  • Social Media

Q&A’s Digital Marketing Planning Team reviews each client’s prior digital marketing results to identify what’s working and what’s not. The team creates the upcoming month’s digital marketing plan based on what’s working best, and prepares a firm digital marketing monthly budget for client approval.

Q&A’s Digital Marketing Creative & Production Team creates the messaging, designs the necessary materials, produces all files required for production and ensures quality control by proofreading and routing all creative for internal review prior to sending for final client approval.

Quenzel’s Digital Marketing Management Team executes each client’s monthly digital media advertising campaign. This includes managing resources to ensure due dates are met, documenting creative direction, performance testing goals, digital media advertising production specs & due dates to meet all  deadlines, issuing all purchase or insertion orders, verifying each channel, supplier & vendors’ acceptance of the agency’s terms, ensuring all creative is ready on time, trafficking all creative for client approval, sending approved creative to each digital media channel, supplier and/or vendor for launch, monitoring  results weekly, reviewing  results with the account director weekly and making any adjustments to improve performance, as required.


Quenzel Marketing Agency Won Gulfshore Business Magazine’s Best of Business Awards for Best Advertising Agency & Best Website Design Firm for the second time in 2019, repeating the agency’s  2017 Best of Business Awards for both categories.

On winning the Best Advertising Agency and Best Website Design Firm awards for a second time, Colleen Quenzel Founder and CEO said, “No marketing agency can be successful without the best team of people. All clients want great advertising and website design. Our clients want even more. They expect quality strategic thinking, effective marketing programs, crisp execution, efficient marketing spending, and accurate marketing results tracking. Those needs are why I started Quenzel Marketing Agency 15 years ago. That’s why we specialize in delivering the right message with the right offer to the right prospects via the right media at the right time with the right price, and the right reason to act right now.  Click Here: Get More Customers.

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Quenzel & Associates has been a great marketing partner to us for years. Their strategies are data-driven and creative, ensuring that any marketing idea we move forward with has goals and purpose. They were instrumental in initially building and managing our website, a key tool that supports our mission to fight for clean water through education, outreach and advocacy. Thank you to Earl, Colleen, and their team for their dedication to our organization and our cause!

Fabulous Marketing Agency. They do their research and know exactly how to reach The targeted markets. I would not consider anyone else. Peg Sickel Hertrich

One of the non-profit boards I am on is negotiating with Q&A Agency and their span of knowledge and ability to perform at the highest levels is second to none.

John Mcgowan
John Mcgowan2018-11-27

Great strategy...effective creative....and very happy with results!!!!

Mary Basden
Mary Basden2018-11-24

Hard working results driven! Worth every penny!

Ethelyn Kuldell
Ethelyn Kuldell2018-09-07

We've had the pleasure of working with Q&A for several years now. Though our Business is based in London the Quenzel's have personally over seen the implementation of our Loyalty and Marketing campagins and provide quarterly Fresh Eyes Marketing Reviews. Our business is up 28% year over year and we will definitely be renewing our contract soon!

Edward Bentley
Edward Bentley2018-06-26

We've had the pleasure of working with Q&A for several years now. Though our Business is based in London the Quenzel's have personally over seen the implementation of our Loyalty and Marketing campagins and provide quarterly Fresh Eyes Marketing Reviews. Our business is up 28% year over year and we will definitely be renewing our contract soon!

Ed Bentley
Ed Bentley2018-02-17

TJ’s Honest Review: It’s no surprise Quenzel & Associates made Gulfshore Business Magazine’s Best of Business list for the 5th straight year in a row. Over the past 12 years, this full-service marketing agency played a significant role in helping my healthcare business quadruple revenues. This marketing agency’s unique Voice of the Patient Research gave us new insight into our core customer, laying a solid foundation for our business strategy, brand, marketing, advertising campaigns, digital marketing efforts & new website design. Their integrated marketing account team’s crisp execution of our plans ensured a consistent, proactive pursuit of growth. The agency’s focus on marketing metrics tracking, analysis and monthly reporting enabled continuous improvement in our business results. They really do help their clients get more customers.

TJ Harkins
TJ Harkins2018-02-17

Quenzel & Associates built a beautiful website for us. It looks especially good on mobile devices.

Experienced, industry experts, innovative branding concepts, consistent and a lot of fun!

Stacey Glenn
Stacey Glenn2015-09-12

With our amazing website, designed and maintained by Quenzel & Associates, our numbers continue to increase and the business grows. Both repeat guests and new vacationers comment on how easy it is to navigate our site and make their reservations for Sanibel Island. Monthly reporting from Quenzel makes following our record bookings easy and interesting. If a company needs help with marketing and promoting their business, Quenzel & Associates is the one to call. They are attentive and understanding to the clients' needs. Thank you for helping to make Island Vacations of Sanibel & Captiva a success!

Learn Why Our Clients Get More Customers & How We Can Help Your Business Grow!



How Q&A Marketing Agency Jump-Starts Growth

Automotive Marketing Creative & Campaigns

Quenzel Marketing Agency | Automotive Marketing Creative | Volvo of Fort Myers
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When our marketing agency talks about Creative we’re talking about effectiveness… about what works. Our marketing agency understands that it’s only Creative if it Sells. Developing Creative Marketing that Effectively Sells your product or service requires clearly identifying the one thing that’s most important to your core target customer, unique to your brand & and provides an element for creative added-value persuasion.

When our marketing agency talks about creative elements and added-value persuasion, we mean any marketing concept, communication or idea that identifies or addresses a real customer need or desire and connects your product, service or brand to that customer need or desire in a way that makes potential customers believe your particular product or service is the best possible solution for them.

When our marketing agency couples the one thing most important to your core target customer and added-value persuasion that makes potential customers believe your particular product or service is the best possible solution for them with clear objectives, the right marketing investments and accurate results tracking of all actions taken, we find… Our Clients Get More Customers.

B2B Marketing Creative & Campaigns

Business Marketing | B2B & B2C

B2B Marketing Agency Creative, Fort Myers, Florida
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Our B2B business marketing agency team helps business clients refine their Customer, Brand & Marketing Strategy. Our marketing agency research team’s unique Voice of the Business Customer Research process quantifies business customer and prospective business customer’s perceptions & preferences. New customer insights help our marketing agency refine your business, brand, marketing & message strategy to revitalize your business growth.

Our B2B business marketing agency team provides B2B business clients with a full range of creative, production, media advertising, direct mail marketing, website marketing & management, eMail marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing and digital marketing capabilities. Because of the unique nature of each client’s marketing situation, goals and budgets vary, Our marketing agency tailors an integrated marketing campaign suited to each client’s unique business marketing situation.

Our B2B business marketing agency team ensures each business client’s marketing campaign includes the right blend of new customer acquisition, current customer optimization and best customer retention marketing. Our marketing agency team tracks the results of all marketing investments daily and reports those results monthly. Our marketing agency team’s focus on measurement, supported by our exclusive Q&A Marketing Metrics process, enables our business clients to… Get More Customers.

Retail Marketing Creative & Campaigns

How Our Marketing Agency Drives Store Traffic, Unit Sales & Revenue.

Quenzel Marketing Agency | Retail Marketing Creative | Mario's Meat Market
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Our Retail Marketing Agency Team understands that driving store traffic requires the delivery of a highly meaningful message to a prospective customer. To ensure our marketing agency consistently delivers the right information about the right products & services to the right customers at the right time with the right offer our marketing agency conducts research among your existing & prospective customers. Our marketing agency quantifies your competitive position, the effectiveness of your messaging and marketing efforts & the health of your brand value proposition.

Our Retail Marketing Agency Team analyzes your past-period metrics & develops proprietary sales-funnel ratios. Our marketing agency team quantifies your business objectives, helps your business allocate your marketing resources to those efforts that address the most important business objectives, develop specific action plans & compute marketing ROI projections for those plans.

Our Retail Marketing Agency Team crafts your marketing & message so that people can relate it to their past experiences, current needs and future desires. Our marketing agency approach means our clients get a highly meaningful message that breaks through the competitive noise. When coupled with an enticing offer and strong call to action, we find… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Healthcare Marketing Creative & Campaigns

How Our Marketing Agency Drives Patient-Paid Appointments.

Healthcare Marketing Creative | Fort Myers, Florida
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Our Healthcare Marketing Team applies a unique combination of qualitative Voice of the Customer Research and quantitative marketplace testing to help our clients identify and/or better understand their core target customers’ needs, expectations, behaviors & belief system.

Our Healthcare Marketing Team helps clients quantify the current behavior of their core target customer… when do they feel the need that triggers buying behavior, when do they act on fulfilling that need, where are they like to be when the need triggers, where do they seek a solution to that need, why do they choose one brand (solution) over another, how do they evaluate the purchase process and use of the solution they selected?

By clearly understanding our clients’ current customers’ behaviors and comparing that to the desired behavior (choose our client’s brand), our Healthcare Marketing Agency Team can better identify the key barriers to behavior change & apply the best marketing levers to drive growth.

Resort Hotel Marketing Creative & Campaigns

How Our Marketing Agency Puts Heads in Beds.

Resort Hotel Marketing Creative | Fort Myers, Florida
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Our Resort Hotel Marketing Team understands that the quality of your strategic thinking drives your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Our marketing agency knows that winning in the marketplace starts with putting the right business, brand and marketing strategy in place.

Our Resort Hotel Marketing Team understands that in most cases, clients can apply a variety of marketing solutions to the business, brand & marketing problems they face in the marketplace. Some marketing strategies will be more effective at driving results than others. Some marketing strategies will cost less than others.

Our Resort Hotel Marketing Team conducts a Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review and Quick-Start Marketing Action Plan to help our our healthcare marketing clients identify an integrated business, brand & marketing strategy that’s uniquely right for them… maximizing both marketing effectiveness & cost-efficiency.

Destination Marketing Creative & Campaigns

How Our Marketing Agency Drives New Visitor Growth.

Destination Marketing Creative | Fort Myers, Florida | Sanibel Captiva Chamber of Commerce
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Our Travel Destination Marketing Team utilizes an Integrated Marketing Communications approach to help prospective visitors to your destination decide which of the vast array of competing destinations, destination services and destination providers will be the best solution to meet their travel needs. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Our Travel Destination Marketing Team provides a comprehensive Destination Marketing approach that ensures we clearly identify the core target visitor for growth, understand the competitive barriers to success, set specific measurable objectives, allocate marketing investments in accord with the objective & strategies, develop specific plans to overcome the key consumers barrier to change & accurately track, measure, analyze & report results on all destination marketing efforts to grow visitors to your destination. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Our Travel Destination Marketing Team’s approach to destination marketing means that whether your goal is to grow the number of new visitors from existing origin markets, entice travel from new origin markets or turning around declining visitor traffic from current origin markets… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Construction Marketing Creative & Campaigns

Laying the Foundation for Growth.

Construction Marketing Creative | Fort Myers, Florida | Sandcastle Home Builders
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Our Construction Marketing Team provides efficient and effective Construction & Contractor Marketing programs that help residential and commercial builders and contractors grow their business.

Our Construction Marketing Team helps contractors and those in the construction industry quantify their business objectives, allocate marketing budgets to achieve those objectives, develop specific action plans & compute the ROI projections for those plans.

Our Construction Marketing Team also creates the marketing communications strategy (message & design), prepare all necessary marketing materials (TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, Online, etc.) for the marketing launch, install the marketing tracking, test the reporting and monitor the success of each marketing effort in the plan. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Realtor Marketing Creative & Campaigns

How Our Marketing Agency Grows Listings & Sales.

Realtor Marketing Creative | Fort Myers, Florida | Team Stacey
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Our Realtor Marketing Team’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review and Voice of the Customer Research help our clients see their customers, competitors, brand and business from unique, new perspectives. Our marketing agency team leverages these new perspectives to identify new opportunities for growth. Our marketing agency team turns these insights into a new or refined brand value proposition, brand position and brand message.

Our Realtor Marketing Team’s Quick-Start Marketing Action Plans turn opportunities into focused actions to help our clients acquire more new customers, optimize revenue from their existing customers and retain their best customers through loyalty retention programs. Our marketing agency team works closely with our clients to ensure crisp execution of the marketing plans for growth.

Perhaps most importantly, however, our Realtor Marketing Team brings a sharp focus on marketing R.O.I. tracking, analysis and reporting, which enables continuous improvement in our client’s business results. That’s one reason… Our Clients Get More Customers.

Restaurant Marketing Creative & Campaigns

How Our Marketing Agency Grows Covers & Revenue-Per-Cover.

Marine Marketing Creative | Fort Myers, Florida | Summerlin Jakes Restaurant
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Our Restaurant Marketing Team helps restaurants achieve their business, brand & marketing objectives starts by identifying and segmenting their current revenue streams by key product or service category. The team also analyzes the major marketing cost drivers.

Our Restaurant Marketing Team analyzes your restaurant’s past-period marketing metrics, revenue-funnel ratios, cost per customer & average customer tenure our marketing agency team can develop lifetime value models to guide future marketing investments.

Our Restaurant Marketing Team quantifies the actual number of new reservations, covers, and average ticket price required to achieve our restaurant marketing client’s overall sales, revenue, cost & profitability goals. From this analysis, our Restaurant Marketing Team can accurately project the required marketing budget to achieve the desired targets.

Marine Marketing Creative & Campaigns

Charting the Best Route to Success.

Marine Marketing Creative | Fort Myers, Florida | Captains For Clean Water
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Our Marine Marketing Team identifies a client’s best path to marketplace success. This  Integrated Business, Brand and Marketing Strategy, requires strategic thinking on a broad range of business issues. The quality of that strategic thinking drives your ability to identify and create a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Our Marine Marketing Team starts with asking the right questions. What value proposition… what message… what offer… will attract the right customer for your business? Our team, uses the data we collect from our Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review of your business, brand and marketing to identify what combination of product attributes, benefits, service levels, added-values, price points, etc. maximizes a prospective customer’s purchase intent and actual purchase behavior?

Our Marine Marketing Team’s Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review of your business also allows us to identify what customer experience would give your business a competitive advantage. This, of course, helps our clients clarify the answers to these strategic business, brand, marketing, customer and competitive issues and express the strategic choices made as your Brand’s Value Proposition.


The advertising agency business is a service industry that operates under conditions of unusual risk and uncertainty. Based on the Association of National Advertisers, Inc. (ANA) and the European Association of Advertising Agencies (EAAA), the consensus is that a 15% – 25% operating profit, as a percentage of gross revenue, is fair agency profitability. A 15% – 25% operating profit is in line with comparable businesses in the service industry, such as lawyers, contractors and accountants.

In line with the operating profits of those comparable businesses in the marketing communication services industry, Quenzel Marketing Agency targets business relationships that will provide the agency a 20% operating profit on gross revenue.

Marketing Agency Compensation

There are no simple solutions to compensating a marketing agency for the professional advice and services it provides. However, as with any mutually successful and long-lasting business relationship, we believe that the best solution is the one that best meets the needs of both the client and agency.

Clients usually know how much money they want to invest in various marketing communication efforts like branding, advertising, website marketing, or digital marketing; how much they need to spend on the supporting agency services to deliver the planning, creative, production, implementation and metrics tracking required to execute those marketing communication services; is often open to a variety of factors.

We believe that whichever compensation system the client and agency chose, the Engagement for Agency Services should include five key components in order for the relationship to flourish. Below are the five key components we seek in any Engagement for Agency Services:

  • The agency must provide professional-level (data-driven and fact-based) marketing communications advice and services to the client.

  • The agency should be fairly compensated for its time and expertise.
  • The practice of estimating all client’s costs for pre-approval, the client cost approval procedure, the invoicing of client costs, and the agency’s compensation for providing the planning, creative, production, implementation and metrics tracking services required to deliver the desired business results should be simple to understand, administer and report.
  • The Engagement for Agency Services should provide for both client and agency performance incentives.

  • The Engagement for Agency Services should be reviewed periodically.

Marketing Agency Pricing Methods

Based on the principles outlined above, Quenzel Marketing Agency successfully works with a variety of clients, in a variety of industry sectors, under a variety of compensation arrangements for the Engagement for Agency Services, including:

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