George H. W. Bush - Presidents Club Thank You Letter

Today’s news coverage of the rare reunion of the remaining members of the presidents club, reminded me of a Thank You letter that former President George H.W. Bush sent me shortly after his term of office as the 41st President of the United States ended on January 20, 1993. At the time, I was a Houstonian, engaged to a Texas Longhorn and employed at Continental Airlines as Vice President of Marketing Programs.

Former President George H.W. Bush’s return to Houston was a point of pride for Houstonians and a frequent topic of conversation. During one such conversation at The Forest Club, where my future Mother-in-Law was planning our wedding (and where fellow members Barbara and George H. W. Bush would lunch when in town), she mused; ‘I wonder if he will feel as bad about getting downgraded from Air Force One to flying First Class on Continental as I did when I dropped from Platinum Elite to Gold Elite?’ Her comment was clearly more of a reminder for me to take care of her status, if I truly wanted to become an adopted son of the Great State of Texas, which I did (thanks to my lovely Mother-in-Law, Mary Basden).

Her comment also got me thinking…. and, I thought wouldn’t it be fun to give the former President and First Lady a Lifetime Membership to Continental Airlines’ private airport lounges, which were called the Presidents Club. So, I did.

With great respect for his commitment to family, faith and friends; duty, honor and country and in honor of his role as the de facto head of the presidents club, I share his letter.

Thank You, George H. W. Bush. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the company and much larger attendance at your new chapter of the Presidents Club in heaven.