Earl Quenzel with Olympian Duncan Kennedy

Throwback Thursday: Winter Olympic Memory

Park City, Utah –  Home of the XIX Olympic Winter Games in 2002.

This photo of Earl Quenzel, getting ready for his first Luge run under the direction of three-time Olympian Duncan Kennedy, was taken at the top of the Men’s Luge Track in Park City, Utah. The Men’s Luge Track at Park City, measures 1316 meters, (4,317 feet), features 15 curves and a Men’s Track Record time of 0:44.271.

‘My top speed fell far short of the 90 miles an hour you see the Olympic competitors achieve. However, as I recall, my best time was around 0:54. It’s a wild ride. You start-out pretty fast, but really pick-up speed coming out of curve-six. Just as you pass the Finish Line, you’re supposed to sit-up in order to slow the sled down to a stop. That’s when I realized just how fast I was going,’ said Earl Quenzel.

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