Time to… Add bacteria with Kidzbiotics!

With the arousing concerns over students safety as they returned to school, Siani Probiotic Body Care founders, Jacqueline and Maria; two working Moms in the health and medical industries, decided to focus their efforts on bringing a natural topical probiotic solution developed to halt further transmissions and help quell the justified uneasiness that parents have about sending children back to school.

Kidzbiotics, Siani Probiotic Body Care | Quenzel Marketing Agency, Fort Myers, Florida

Put the Power of Probiotics to Work on your Child’s Skin.

Siani’s moisture-infusing, natural probiotic topical sprays act as a protective shield against bad bacteria on the skin creating an optimal environment for skin to flourish while diminishing inflammation. Siani’s all-natural probiotic skincare sprays are safe for internal and external use.

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