A good Event Marketing agency team provides its clients one of the most effective & cost-efficient methods for marketing the company’s products and services.

The Event Marketing agency team at Quenzel provides both large and small brands the best of both worlds… a Mass Marketing Medium at the Local Market Level. Significantly, the very nature of Event Marketing allows marketers to Do More for Less… something not to be taken lightly in today’s economic climate.

4 Goals an Event Marketing Agency Can Help You Accomplish:

For the marketer faced with multiple goals… and limited resources with which to accomplish them… Event Marketing may very well be their best Strategic Marketing Choice.

Consider the versatility Event Marketing affords marketers… over the years, our marketing agency has helped clients leverage this marketing tactic to:

  • Showcase their brand’s products and services.
  • Sample the benefits of their brand’s products and services.
  • Sell their brand’s products and services… either directly at the event… via bounce-back sales promotions after the event… or both.
  • Secure additional distribution outlets by capitalizing on the value of an event’s on-site sales rights to incentivize both retailers and other channel partners to carry and promote their product.

Event Marketing’s versatility goes far beyond ‘end-user’ marketing activity. At a variety of different events, our marketing agency has helped clients leverage their sponsorship of an event to create a more positive mental attitude with a brand’s customers and channel partners. Used properly, Event Marketing can have a very positive effect on your own employees.

Our marketing agency has even helped clients leverage their event participation to positively communicate a brand’s message to educators, community leaders and government officials. In fact, our marketing agency’s experience suggests that the ability to leverage an event’s marketing opportunities is limited only by a marketer’s creativity.

5 Factors an Event Marketing Agency Team Must Consider:

Unfortunately, like Word-of-Mouth Advertising, few marketers… and even fewer advertising agencies… plan for and actually integrate Sponsorships & Events into their overall marketing campaigns.

If you’re not working with an experienced Sponsorship & Event Marketing Agency, here are some of the factors you should consider if you’re thinking of adding Event Marketing to your plans:

  • Consider the event’s image compatibility with your brand’s image.
  • Compare the composition of the event’s audience to your brand’s desired core target audience.
  • Evaluate the availability, costs and value of ‘category exclusivity.
  • Think about the event’s promotional time frame – a few days or a year-round opportunity?
  • Calculate the relationship between the event’s marketing costs vs. the value received.

For More Help on Leveraging Sponsorships & Events to Get More Customers:

For help designing, developing or deploying an Event Marketing Strategy for your business please call, eMail or use the marketing agency contact form on our website.

Good Luck &… Good Selling!