April 2021

Lee Elder Makes History at the Masters… Again.

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Forty-Six years ago, Lee Elder broke the color barrier when he played in the 1975 Masters at Augusta National. Yesterday, Lee served as an Honorary Starter for the 2021 Masters Tournament. In honor of the trail he blazed in golf and the inspiration he provided to future generations of golfers, I share this picture from more than a few years back when I had the privilege of playing with Lee in a Pro-Am Tournament. #Stay the Course - Lee Elder.

September 2020

15 Years Helping Our Clients Get More Customers

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Our Clients Get More Customers All clients want great advertising and web design. Q&A clients want more. They want strategic thinking, effective marketing execution, and maximum spending efficiency. That’s why for the past 15 years, the Quenzel Marketing Agency Team has focused on delivering the right marketing at the right time to the right prospects with the right message and the right offer at the right price with the right reason to act now. Seven Reasons You Might Want to Consider Quenzel Marketing Agency For Your 2020 Marketing Efforts: Website Visitor Id Program - Know Who's Visiting Your Website Learn More 250 Million Consumer Database - 100's of Target Selections Available Learn More Local Marketing “75” Package - Improve Your Site Rankings Learn More Customer Review Platform - Auto Feed Reviews to Google Learn More Starter [...]

July 2020

May 2018

About Colleen Quenzel: Founder & CEO

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Colleen first displayed her entrepreneurial spirit while studying at The University of Texas in Austin, when she launched her first business. Like the Texas Longhorns, she was Hooked. After achieving her degree in Advertising, she sold her business and moved to Houston, Texas where she worked as a stockbroker for the Paine-Webberaffiliate, Rotan-Mosle. While Colleen loved using her analytical skills to help her clients grow their stock portfolios, she craved a business environment founded on a relationship and collaborative partnership. After a few years, Colleen decided to pursue her passion for marketing atQuality Beverage, the biggest wine & spirit distributor in the state of Texas, at that time. At Quality Beverage, she launched several new beverage brands into the marketplace, including Kendall-Jackson, Gallo Varietals, and Bacardi Breezers. Colleen’s beverage marketing experience proved invaluable as she learned first-hand the importance of extending a brand’s equity across all consumer touch points… from brand to [...]

April 2018

About Earl Quenzel

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Before joining Q&A, Earl was General Manager and Chief Marketing Officer for the Resorts of Captiva & Sanibel Islands, an Interstate Hotels & Resorts marketing company that provided sales, marketing, revenue management and reservations services to seven 4-star, independent resort properties in Southwest, FL. In this senior executive role, Earl was responsible for $85 million in top-line revenue, an operating budget of $8.5 million and a staff of 75. Before moving to Florida, Earl lived in London where, as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Priceline-Europe, he led the brand’s marketing launch across Europe. In this role, Earl led the teams responsible for the development of Priceline-Europe's brand architecture, e-commerce website, online and offline marketing, customer experience, CRM, partner management, business development, public relations and agency relationships. Before Priceline, Earl worked at AT&T where, as General Manager for the $1.7B Education MSO (Market Segment Organization), he led the team of 1,000+ associates [...]

February 2018

Agency Profile

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Our Clients Get & Keep More Customers. Creative. Competitive. Customer-Centric. Our agency focuses on uncovering unique, new insights about your customers & then turning those insights into effective Brand Marketing Strategy, Creative Marketing Communications, Website Content and Digital Marketing programsto help your businessGet More Customers. We Seek & See the Big Picture. Fact-Based. Focused. Flexible. Our exclusive Q&A Fresh-Eyes Marketing ReviewSMputs the focus on Customer Facts & Competitive Reality. It provides unique, new insights about your core customers' beliefs & expectations. It quantifies the most important elements of your Brand Value Proposition and identifies new sources of Competitive Advantage which helps our team uncover new ways for your business to GetMore Customers. We Believe in the Great Vision. Inquisitive. Imaginative. Innovative. TheQ&A Quick-Start Marketing Action-PlanSMdefines the best way to win in the marketplace. It specifies the key objectives, priorities, success metrics, budget allocations, marketing communications, website marketing and digital marketing actions, milestones [...]

January 2018

About Quenzel Marketing Agency’s Capabilities

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To Build Your Business, Build Your Brand. The more someone feels a certain need or desire and the more they feel your brand is the best possible solution for that need or desire; the bigger your brand becomes. That’s what Q&A calls Brand-Building. It’s About Brand Strategy. Great brands know what their customers value, what their competitors don’t deliver & where their brand can excel. Our approach starts with developing new insights about your core customers’ expectations & belief system. Those insights drive the strategic direction. It’s About Brand Loyalty. Great brands enjoy a growing base of loyal, repeat customers. Our approachputs the focus on driving customer satisfaction across the entire customer experience – how customers learn about your goods/services, how they purchase and pay for those goods/services, how they receive and use those goods/services along with any other services they may require. It’s About Disciplined Brand Messaging & Graphic Identity. Your [...]

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