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Q&A: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Below, you'll find answers to the most common questions potential clients ask about our Florida Marketing Agency's credentials, capabilities and creative process for ensuring... Our Clients Get More Customers.

Q: Who does your Florida Marketing Agency help get more customers? Are all your clients in Florida?

A: Our Marketing Agency serves clients in four key industry sectors: Travel & Recreational Activities, Home Services & Real Estate, Retail Consumer Goods & Services, Medical & Professional Services.

Although we work in an amazing business environment blessed by some of the world's most beautiful natural resources and the unique, creative individuals attracted to them, we serve local, regional, national and international clients on both a retained services and project basis. To view our marketing agency's client roster: Full-Service, Integrated Marketing Communications Agency Client Roster

Q: What marketing services does your Florida Marketing Agency provide to ensure you clients get more customers?

A: Our Marketing Agency develops, deploys & tracks integrated new customer acquisition, current customer optimization & best customer retention marketing campaigns to help our clients get more customers.

Q&A Marketing Agency's Services

To ensure we develop the most effective and efficient marketing campaigns for our clients, we provide a full range of classic Marketing Communications Agency services. This includes three key Strategic Marketing Services: Customer Strategy, Brand Strategy and Marketing Strategy.

To ensure we deploy the most effective and efficient marketing campaigns for our clients, we provide a full range of traditional Advertising Agency services, Web Design Agency services and Internet Marketing Agency services. This includes four key integrated Marketing Services: Creative Concepts and Creative Production, Media Planning & Media Buying, Web Design and Internet Marketing services.

Finally, to ensure that the integrated new customer acquisition, current customer optimization and best customer retention marketing programs we develop and deploy to help our clients get more customers actually deliver the desired business results, our exclusive Q&A marketing Metrics process tracks and reports on 'what's working and what's not' to every client, every month.

Q: What process does your Florida Marketing Agency follow to ensure my business actually gets more customers?

A: To win in today's hyper-competitive marketplace, a clearly differentiated brand & a highly relevant value proposition creates a clear competitive advantage. Whether you market your brand in Florida, across the United States or around the world, we do three things to help you Get More Customers:

First, we focus on uncovering new & unique marketing insights into your core customers and the key competitors they also consider.

Q&A Brand Marketing Audits help our clients look at their business in new ways, identify new sources of competitive advantage & sharpen their brand message. This unique agency service helps clients sift out the key customer & competitive facts, develop meaningful relationships between them & see their brand from the consumer’s perspective. It provides a data-driven, fact-based understanding of how the target consumer feels about your brand today as well as a fresh & accurate assessment of your marketing and marketing situation.

Next, we turn insights into effective & efficient marketing investments.

Q&A Strategic Brand Marketing Plans define the best way to win in the marketplace. Whether you need a more effective approach to new customer acquisition, a more satisfying customer experience that positively distinguishes your brand or higher customer retention rates, our Florida marketing agency's Strategic Brand Marketing Plans specify the tangible branding, marketing, web design & internet marketing actions to acquire new customers (generate leads/convert prospects), maximize share-of-wallet (cross-sell, up-sell & repeat sales) & drive customer loyalty (customer experience, customer relationship management & customer rewards). It provides clarity about how you want the consumer to feel about your brand, after exposure to our Branding, Advertising & Web Design & Internet Marketing.

Finally, we track, measure, analyze & report the results of your brand marketing investments on a monthly basis.

Q&A's Marketing Metrics process enables us to quickly & accurately test a variety of marketing creative & media alternatives in the marketplace. This allows your Florida marketing agency team to cut unproductive marketing efforts and redirect Branding, Advertising, Web Design & Internet Marketing resources to those ideas achieving the greatest marketing success.

Q: When your Florida Marketing Agency takes on a new marketing client, what happens?

A: To make sure our clients get more customers, we start with a Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review to uncover unique, new insights into each client's Brand.

Our approach isolates the big ideas to motivate consumer behavior change. By quantifying the most important elements of a client's Marketing Mix and Brand Value Proposition, our Florida Marketing Agency can identify the key drivers of brand choice within a category, measure the relative value customers place on the various aspects of a client's offering and determine which elements of a clients brand value proposition customers' perceive as noticeably different & better than the competition.

Q&A Marketing Agency's Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review Process

Q&A Voice of the Customer Research, our Florida Marketing Agency's proprietary process, helps us identify and understand how different groups of people (who seek different benefits & assess risks differently) perceive their competitive choices. This process allows us to identify a client's core customers (Highest-Volume, Highest-Value, Highest-Loyalty, Most-Vocal Brand Advocates) and uncover new & unique insights into this critical segment for growth.

New insights about the core customer’s belief system and expectations drive the strategic direction. By clearly identifying and segmenting the 'core' customer from the 'consumption' customer, understanding what each customer segment truly values and comparing how each customer segment views the client's brand relative to other brands that offer the same or similar benefits, we lay a solid, data-driven, fact-based, foundation for defining the best way to win in the marketplace.

Next, We Turn Our Fresh-Eyes Insights into a Quick-Start Action Plan, while our Florida Marketing Agency's Strategy & Creative Teams collaborate to develop a Consistent Brand Marketing Message & Brand Image.

While every client & business situation is different, our Florida marketing agency's observed & learned that the most reliable way to build a client's business is to build the client's Brand Reputation. After all, the more consumers feel your brand (business) is the best solution for their particular needs; the bigger your business will become.

Q&A Marketing Agency's Quick-Start Marketing Plan

A client's brand identity and brand message is often the first 'touch-point' in a prospective customer's experience with the brand. Working from a data-driven, fact-based brand marketing brief we provide creative thought-leadership to energize your Brand Promise, Brand Position, Brand Messaging Architecture & Brand Identity to grow your business efficiently, effectively and Fast.

Finally, your dedicated Marketing Agency Team provides crisp execution of the Plan and Integrated Marketing, Website & Internet Marketing Tracking & Reporting

Our Florida Marketing Agency's approach integrates your brand marketing across the entire customer experience. We ensure execution of the strategy through all the business disciplines and with all customer touch-points, offers, actions and communications.

We measure your brand marketing's impact on your business results daily. We report results in a joint Agency-Client Monthly Brand Marketing Metrics review.

Q: Where do I learn more about how your full-service Florida Marketing Agency can help my business Get More Customers?

A: The Fun Answer is come and visit our Marketing Agency in Florida. We would love to introduce you to our team, our process and, of course, our mascot Jaz.

Just click the links if you would like to learn a little more about our Florida Marketing Agency's basic approach to Branding & Brand Strategy, Marketing & Marketing Strategy, Web Design & Web Strategy or Internet Marketing & Internet Marketing Strategy.

We've also included some basic information about our Florida Marketing Agency's approach to Customer Acquisition & Customer Acquisition Strategy, Customer Experience & Customer Experience Strategy and Customer Loyalty & Customer Loyalty Strategy. Again, just click on the links.

For more timely or topical information about Branding, Marketing, Web Design, Internet Marketing, Customer Acquisition, Customer Experience or Customer Loyalty, please visit our Florida Marketing Agency's Blog. (See Below)

Q: Why should I work with a full-service Marketing Agency in Florida to Get More Customers?

A: When you need to find new ways to win in the marketplace, our Florida Marketing Agency will help you Get More Customers.

Running a Marketing Agency in Florida, we've observed first-hand how the natural resources that make Florida one of the world's most desirable places to visit, also make Florida one of the most desirable places to live and work. The 'came to play, but decided to stay' factor creates an environment that's very conducive to attracting and retaining some of the best Branding, Marketing, Web Design & Internet Marketing talent in the industry. We bring that talent to your marketing efforts.

Month after month, our Florida Marketing Agency helps a variety of brand owners, brand managers, brand advertisers & internet brands grow their business with fresh, fact-based & measurable branding, marketing, web design & internet marketing ideas.

What really distinguishes our Florida Marketing Agency is the monthly Q&A Marketing Metrics results report we provide each client on the effectiveness & cost-efficiency of our various branding, advertising, web design & internet marketing efforts on their behalf.

Q: How does your Florida Marketing Agency help clients measure the return on their marketing investment?

A: Q&A Marketing Metrics is our Florida Marketing Agency's unique, powerful and proprietary results analysis process for understanding a client's return on their marketing investment. Q&A Marketing Metrics provide clients a documented, fact-based  method for making better creative, media & spending decisions.

Q&A provides every client with Q&A Marketing Metrics for the express purpose of improving management's visibility into their marketing investment and to enable continuous marketing performance improvement.

Q&A Marketing Metrics are a fact-based approach that brings 'fresh-eyes' and adds new perspective to our client’s marketing performance. It summarizes the most critical marketing investment choices in a monthly marketing results review, which enables your team to grasp the inter-relationships of marketing investment choices. It also provides a framework for making the best strategic choices and trade-offs between competing marketing investments.

For each client, we develop specific criterion that directly links their marketing investment to their business results. We start by identifying those measures most appropriate to monitoring performance against specific objectives and that provide the most useful information for future marketing investment decision-making.

The selection of specific effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction performance measures is a central part of Q&A's Marketing & Marketing Metrics process. In addition, we deploy those Metrics that help diagnose problems and/or identify new opportunities.

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Branding Agency: Brand Marketing Audit

Branding is About Strategy. Strategy is About Creating Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace.

When it comes to smart business growth, the quality of a company’s strategic, tactical & creative thinking ties directly to the competitive advantage it enjoys in the marketplace.

The Q&A Brand Marketing Audit is our advertising agency’s quality process for developing the most effective competitive strategy for your brand.

The end result of a Q&A Brand Marketing Audit provides creative new thinking about how your firm can attract, satisfy & retain the dominant market share of high-value, high-volume customers within its competitive set.

While Q&A Brand Marketing Audits differ from client to client, every Q&A Brand Marketing Audit focuses on exploring, identifying & understanding the key business, brand & marketing issues affecting your business’ performance. Our agency’s approach provides a fact-based, structured process for gathering, organizing & understanding your firm’s position with its customers & competitors. Our Brand Marketing teams provide ‘fresh-eyes’ to a client’s historical perspective.

Each Q&A Brand Marketing Audit includes a deep-dive into both the background and history of the key challenges affecting your business. Working one-on-one with a client’s leadership team we also identify or develop the critical Business/Brand performance metrics, which we use to measure progress against the desired Business/Brand performance.

Q&A Voice of the Customer Research – Critical Components:
To develop a fact-based understanding of your core customer for success, what they value & the key purchase drivers that move that customer segment to take action; we deploy a data-driven approach to identify & rank the most important functional & emotional benefits sought by those customers. We also identify who else they consider as a viable alternative to their needs as well as how they feel towards your specific competitors. The unique customer insights revealed from our Branding Agency’s Q&A Voice of the Customer Research helps to identify critical sources of sustainable, competitive advantage.

Q&A Brand Marketing Audit – Key Deliverables.
A full Q&A Brand Marketing Audit includes the following:
- Q&A Executive Team Survey
- Q&A Associate Survey
- Q&A Voice of the Customer Research
- Q&A Voice of the Customer Competitive Perceptions
- Q&A Brand Marketing Audit – Final Report.

To learn more about how a Q&A Brand Marketing Audit can help your business simply Click: I Want to Get More Customers.

Web Design

Web Design | Agency Creative for Home Remodeling Client P.O.D.

Web Design – Agency Creative for Florida Home Remodeling client Privacy On Demand, Inc.™

Home Improvement Web Design | Fort Myers, Florida

Are you looking for more privacy and security at home? Privacy On Demand, Inc.™ is the BEST source for Custom Outdoor Privacy Curtains. Privacy On Demand’s Custom Outdoor Privacy Curtains

  • Transform your pool deck, lanai or outdoor area into your own private retreat whenever the mood strikes you.
  • Stop prying eyes from seeing onto your deck and into your home, especially at night.
  • Eliminate the need for high cost, high maintenance fencing or shrubbery.
  • Screen the direct rays of the sun – especially in the early morning and late afternoon.
  • Block out the cold winter winds without eliminating air flow.
  • Control your environment with an “open and close” design.
  • Enhance the marketability of your home.

Internet Marketing

Google Announces ‘Fundamental’ Adwords Change.

To ensure our clients get more customers, at our Advertising Agency we council clients on the need to carefully integrate their Branding, Advertising, Web Design and Internet Marketing efforts to deliver the Right Message, to the Right Audience, at the Right Time, with the Right Offer. This approach requires significant co-ordination, but always pays-off in terms of superior results.

Today, Google made it quite a bit easier to make sure your Pay-Per-Click campaigns do just that with their decision to make Google AdWords campaigns ‘Device Independent.’ That means Internet Marketers no longer need to establish different campaigns for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. While you’ll no longer need to set-up different campaigns for each device, you will be able to ‘target’ mobile devices through the bidding process.

For a quick overview of the Changes announced by Google, just a few hours ago, the video below explains their plans.