Happy National Ice Cream Day

2020-07-22T17:00:02-04:00Client News, Retail Marketing|

The best day of the season is here, and as the temperatures rise into alarming numbers, it's clear that July is the perfect time to celebrate National Ice Cream Day and be wolfing down ice cream by the double scoop. In honor of National Ice Cream Day, we want to share a hidden gem in SWFL that embraces the growing trend towards fresh, natural, and creatively healthy options. Their famous Fort Myers location has been open for ten years, and they decided to open a second Happy Sun Ice Cream Shop in Cape Coral to suit the Cape Coral community in February 2019. Their one-of-a-kind menu is made to tantalize the taste buds! Treats such as all-natural homemade ice cream, indulgent smoothies, artisanal handcrafted popsicles, delectable Mexican snacks like nachos and corn, icy treats like slushies, and freshly made natural juices are created from scratch in their store, [...]