• TV Advertising Creative Concept & Storyboard: Stock Photos Shot List, Stock Music Soundtrack and Custom Voice-Over Script for a :30 & :15-second creative TV advertising spot.

    • Images: Stock, High-Definition, Photo Images (library of 50,000 images) and company graphics (website, logo, phone number).

    • Soundtrack: Custom Recorded Voice-Over and Stock Music for your TV advertising spots.

    • Production: Editing, Mixing and all Post-Production Finishing Services for high-definition, broadcast quality creative TV advertising spots.

    • Media Trafficking to TV Stations: Delivery of your TV advertising spots to TV Stations on your media schedule.

    • TV ROI: Results Tracking, Analysis and Reporting for all TV Stations on Media Schedule, if placed by Quenzel.

    • Quenzel TV Advertising Team: $1,500 - $2,500 Average Production Cost

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