Graphic Design: Postcard Marketing


Start marketing your business today with direct mail post cards.

  • You provide the content.
  • We provide an appealing design with a clear call to action.
  • Original art files and print-ready PDF are provided.
  • We will provide a printing quote and mailing quote, if desired.
  • Typical turnaround time is 5 business days.

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Original, custom, designed business post card mailer template.

Quenzel Marketing Agency provides custom post card mailer templates in many standard sizes. Creating an effective mailer that drives results is more than just creating a post card that looks nice. It needs to be relevant to the recipient, be clear and concise, typically include only one offer, have appealing graphics that entice the recipient to act and includes a clear call to action.

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is perfect for targeting highly concentrated areas of your prospects and it is economically advantageous because postage is about .19 cents per piece compared to letter postage. Sizes vary from smaller pieces at 4″ x 11″ to larger 6/5″ x 12″. The USPS allows many sizes and they change all the time. Contact Quenzel marketing Agency to inquire if your size will pass for EDDM.

Don’t have a concentrated area, then regular direct mail is cost-effective also. Standard sizes vary from 2″ x 4″ to 9″ x 12″.

Purchasing a post card design is easy at Quenzel Marketing Agency. Just provide the content and we will do the rest. We will a layout with your copy and content. Price includes one version with up to 3 revisions. Should you have a need for stock photos, we will find the right image(s) and provide you a quote for the additional cost.

Need a printer? We have local printers on hand to print your cards and mail them. We are happy to provide a quote for these services.

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