Graphic Design: Newsletter


Original, custom, designed business post card mailer template.

  • It’s simple. You provide the categories for the content along with images. We do the rest.
  • We will provide you with the In-Design file, so that you can customize your newsletter each month with updated information.

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Original, custom, newsletter mailer template design.

Send monthly newsletters to your potential customers with current stories about your industry. Stay in touch with them regularly to create top-of-the-mind awareness, so when they need your service they think of your business.

Quenzel Marketing Agency will provide a custom template for your business. You can create the content and add it to your newsletter template each month. Quenzel provides the framework for you, so your newsletter looks professional every time you mail it.

You tell us what your categories are for the template and provide any imagery required like your logo or your photo; we do the rest. Want us to update each month with your content, print it and mail it? We will provide a custom quote for you.

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