How does Quenzel Marketing Agency offer Transparent Pricing for Projects and Monthly Retainer Fees?

Clients want to know how their marketing budget is spent, and they need to understand what it takes to execute specific marketing efforts. At Quenzel Marketing Agency, it doesn’t matter if clients are on a monthly retainer or have chosen to be billed on a project basis, all clients receive a detailed action plan identifying the steps to perform the marketing assignment.

For marketing projects, clients receive a simple estimate broken out with detail by category, for clients on a monthly retainer, they receive a monthly marketing agency plan with pricing details for each marketing project.

Time for each task to complete the marketing assignment are provided for complete transparency and pre-approval before the project is started. There are no surprises when the bill arrives.

For example, for a digital marketing effort, steps such as those identified below would probably be included for purchasing and creating assets for a 3rd party media digital effort.

  1. Digital Marketing – Action Plan: Reviewing prior action plan results. Verifying what worked and what didn’t. Identifying new opportunities. Negotiating rates/terms with third-party media/vendors/supplier Preparing proposed action plan with Agency Hours and any third-party media/vendor/supplier costs for Brand’s pre-approval. Providing proposed action plan to Brand. Securing Brand’s approval. Scheduling Brand’s approved action plan projects, hours and due dates for creative, production, implementation and results tracking. X Hours
  2. Digital Marketing – Action Plan Creative & Production: Developing copy concepts, writing new copy, revising existing copy and proofreading copy prior to hand-off for graphic design. Developing graphic design concepts, creating original designs, revising existing designs and proofreading designs prior to hand-off for production. Creating production files per each third-party media/vendors/suppliers’ specifications. Proofing production files before sending to third-party media/vendors/supplier. X Hours
  3. Digital Marketing – Action Plan Implementation: Issuing insertion or purchase orders to third-party media/vendors/suppliers for pre-approved action plan projects. Verifying third-party media/vendors/suppliers’ acceptance of terms. Meeting internal and Brand review and approval due dates. Trafficking approved creative production files to meet third-party media/vendors/suppliers’ production due dates. Verifying third-party media/vendors/suppliers perform services. Monitoring action plan results. Reviewing action plan results weekly with account director/manager. Adjusting action plan as needed. X Hours
  4. Digital Marketing – – Action Plan Tracking & Reporting: Ensuring all action plan data collection procedures are in place and working. Collecting required action plan data. Analyzing action plan data. Preparing an action plan metrics report with executive summary. Providing the action plan metrics report to client. X Hours

This type of pricing and transparency allows Quenzel Marketing Agency to allocate the necessary resources to get the project done on time and provides true transparency into the effort for our clients. Contact us today, and find out how we can help your business… Get More Customers. 

Sample Transparent Pricing Chart

image marketing services transparent pricing chart