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Top Leisure Travel Destinations and Target Audiences for Travel Marketers This Summer

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Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), Airlines, and Resort Hotel owners, managers, and marketers looking to drive visitors, airline passengers and hotel guests this summer need to understand what target audiences are most likely to travel.  Based on over three decades of personality research and refinement with about 200,000 travelers, here are the six key leisure target audiences and the destinations they are most likely to travel to this summer: Venturers Leisure travel holds a central place in the life of travelers we classify as Venturers. The typical Venturer goes to more places, more often, and participates in more unique experiences compared to any other type of travelers. Thus the name Venturer, someone who ventures very eagerly and excitedly, Venturers fit in a small group of 4% of all travelers that share their extreme love of going out of the way to places and continuously seeking out of the [...]

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