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The Orange Story

2021-09-07T11:47:35-04:00Creative Marketing Agency, Florida Marketing Agency|

Quenzel Marketing Agency uses an Orange icon as a graphic design element with our logo, in presentations and on our website. People are often curious about the Orange icon. What it means, or... Why we use it. So, what does an Orange have to do with a full-service, integrated marketing agency? Please read on: The color [...]

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Agency Profile

2020-09-08T13:20:45-04:00About Quenzel Marketing Agency, Creative Marketing Agency|

Our Clients Get & Keep More Customers. Creative. Competitive. Customer-Centric. Our agency focuses on uncovering unique, new insights about your customers & then turning those insights into effective Brand Marketing Strategy, Creative Marketing Communications, Website Content and Digital Marketing programsto help your businessGet More Customers. We Seek & [...]

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