April 2021

Important SEO Factors for Google Local Rankings

2021-04-01T14:56:33-04:00Copywriting, Digital Marketing, Marketing Leadership|

How to Drive More Website Visitors and Generate More New Business Leads Using SEO Business owners, managers, and marketers that expect their website to generate new leads from prospective customers often ask us how to improve their Google rankings in local search results. While many factors influence how Google ranks your website for different keywords, implementing a few of the critical factors explained in this post can make a substantial improvement in your local rankings, fast. That means, more traffic to your website, and better-qualified traffic, too. There are two distinct types of local search results on Google. Local Pack/Local Finder and Local Organic results. Local Pack/Local Finder Search SEO The picture below shows how and where the Local Pack/Local Finder search results appear on Google. Our experience shows that getting to the top of Local Pack/Local Finder rankings depends on setting up your Google My Business account correctly. Getting to the top [...]

September 2020

Q&A Graphic Design, Headlines & Response Rates

2020-09-24T16:04:10-04:00Copywriting, Graphic Design|

Q&A Graphic Design, Headlines & Response Rates To better understand what graphic design and headline practices positively influence the likelihood a marketing communication gets noticed, read, considered and acted upon, our Marketing Campaign Management Team tests and continues testing, under controlled communication test conditions, the observed behavior of people exposed to various graphic design and headline treatments. The agency’s graphic design and headline principles reflect our agency’s continuous learnings about the impact of graphic design and headlines on the choice of which of the many communications a person receives every day they decide to spend the time and energy to consume, comprehend and consider. The graphic design and headline principles laid out below reflect our agency’s brand promise and the personal commitment of each associate to help… Our Clients Get More Customers. Customer Focused Communications We’ve learned that whether browsing websites, eMails, magazines or newspapers, people cope with the sheer [...]

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