September 2020

Time to… Add bacteria with Kidzbiotics!

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Time to… Add bacteria with Kidzbiotics! With the arousing concerns over students safety as they returned to school, Siani Probiotic Body Care founders, Jacqueline and Maria; two working Moms in the health and medical industries, decided to focus their efforts on bringing a natural topical probiotic solution developed to halt further transmissions and help quell the justified uneasiness that parents have about sending children back to school. Put the Power of Probiotics to Work on your Child’s Skin. Siani’s moisture-infusing, natural probiotic topical sprays act as a protective shield against bad bacteria on the skin creating an optimal environment for skin to flourish while diminishing inflammation. Siani’s all-natural probiotic skincare sprays are safe for internal and external use. Learn about Kidzbiotics

August 2020

Client in the News: Five restaurants on Captiva, one guru.

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How Andy Rosse Lane became a dining destination on Captiva. Captiva Island's restaurants share many similarities: Gulf seafood, cocktails, breezy patios. Five of them share an entrepreneurial owner, as well. Gina Birch | Special to The News-Press Published 11:02 a.m. ET Aug. 18,2020 This has been the summer of canceled vacations. With many staying closer to home, destination dining is seeing a boom in popularity. Venturing outside of the circle of convenience that surrounds your home or business, while still remaining in your backyard, opens up options that are often overlooked under normal circumstances. And there is little normal about the current world. Southwest Florida is known for its barrier islands, which are ripe and ready for culinary exploration, including captivating Captiva. An island that is mostly residential and resort, if there was a downtown Captiva, it would be along Andy Rosse Lane, a shady, shell-lined street that dead [...]

July 2020

DR. Martineau Roofing Contractor Website Design

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CONTRACTOR WEBSITE DESIGN DR Martineau Roofing Company is a full-service roofing company that has been serving Southwest Florida for over 30 years. With DR Martineau Roofing, you are always assured quality materials and services at a fair and competitive price. Whether you are in need of a simple roof repair or need an entire re-roof residential or commercial, there is no job too big or small for DR Martineau Roofing Company. OBJECTIVES Implement new design combinations while still preserving the purpose of the existing pages. Create a mobile enhanced experience by ensuring all content and navigation are fully accessible, and images and performance are established with mobile best practices. Decrease conversion time and increase the form application rate by having a call to action and easy-to-find trackable contact forms throughout the site. Include attractive design presentations with high-quality photos from their existing portfolio. Contractor [...]

Happy National Ice Cream Day

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The best day of the season is here, and as the temperatures rise into alarming numbers, it's clear that July is the perfect time to celebrate National Ice Cream Day and be wolfing down ice cream by the double scoop. In honor of National Ice Cream Day, we want to share a hidden gem in SWFL that embraces the growing trend towards fresh, natural, and creatively healthy options. Their famous Fort Myers location has been open for ten years, and they decided to open a second Happy Sun Ice Cream Shop in Cape Coral to suit the Cape Coral community in February 2019. Their one-of-a-kind menu is made to tantalize the taste buds! Treats such as all-natural homemade ice cream, indulgent smoothies, artisanal handcrafted popsicles, delectable Mexican snacks like nachos and corn, icy treats like slushies, and freshly made natural juices are created from scratch in their store, [...]

June 2020

Florida Coastline Construction Website Design

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CONSTRUCTION WEBSITE DESIGN FLORIDA COASTLINE CONSTRUCTION THINKTANK In 2009 Rich Scholl of Florida Coastline Construction teamed up with Pete Wahl of Wahl Consulting and Solutions, to bring you the most comprehensive local construction company ever. With over 40 years combined experience, the local construction company is known for its outstanding service, quality and speed of our craftsmanship all built on the foundation of integrity, respect, and trust. OBJECTIVES Improve brand image and online reach with keyword-rich content and a clean, inclusive, and edgy brand identity. Create a mobile enhanced experience by ensuring all content and navigation are fully accessible, and images and performance are established with mobile best practices. Emphasize a portfolio/imagery driven thread throughout the new design. Implement a fully responsive, user-friendly solution backed by the latest platforms and WordPress. The new Florida Coastline Construction website design is [...]

April 2020

Q&A Client News: Siani Probiotic Body Care

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Siani Probiotic Body Care Introduces 3 New Topical Probiotic Sanitizers to Help Fight the Spread of Harmful Pathogens at the Microscopic Level Based on the growing body of evidence linking the spread of the coronavirus by people touching contaminated surfaces with their hands and then touching their faces, Siani Probiotic Body Care launched a new line of topical probiotic sanitizers, including a hand sanitizer, mouthwash, and environmental spray. Siani Probiotic Body Care’s new line of topical sanitizers contains a specially formulated proprietary broad-spectrum natural blend of live safe, healthy probiotics (beneficial bacteria) in a concentrated, stabilized solution. Supported by 15-years of peer-reviewed research, hospital studies, and clinical trials, Siani’s new line of topical sanitizers work at the microscopic level to significantly reduce the transfer of pathogens (virus, bacteria, or other micro-organisms that cause disease) to humans. Siani’s new line of topical sanitizers works on both hard surfaces or objects and soft [...]

December 2019

September 2019

May 2019

Client News: Gulfshore Business Lifetime Achievement Awards 2019

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Lifetime Achievement Awards 2019 - Hospitality and Heart Sandy Stilwell Youngquist connects community and charitable efforts. By Melanie Pagan, Gulfshore Business Photography by Brian Tietz Here is the thing about Sandy Stilwell Youngquist: It's impossible to list all of the professional and philanthropic accomplishments she's packed into her life, so we'll start with her two biggest, transforming the tip Of Captiva Island into a tourist hub and helping raise more than $ 18 million toward the creation of the Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida. Stilwell Youngquist is the founder of Stilwell Enterprises & Restaurant Group and the developer of some of Southwest Florida's mainstay restaurants and inns. She's been establishing businesses ever since she was 17 and launched a commercial cleaning business with a partner. By the time she was 23, she'd co-owned (along with her family) and then sold the SandCastle Inn on Fort Myers Beach. Stilwell [...]

February 2018

Q&A Client News: Sandy Stilwell Youngquist

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News-Press | Person of the Year Nominee Each year, The News-Press Media Group hosts a celebration in honor of people and the organizations who have made a significant impact in Southwest Florida in the past year. This year, we are happy to announce that our client, Sandy Stillwell Youngquist has been nominated as a finalist in the 31st edition of the 2017 People of the Year awards. Please join us in congratulating Sandy Stillwell Youngquist, owner, and CEO of Stilwell Enterprises & Restaurant Group on her nomination for this prestigious award.For the past 15 years, Sandy has been an accomplished entrepreneur in the Southwest Florida restaurant industry. However, it's Sandy's commitment and devotion towards serving the community that gives her the most sense of pride. As a chair and board member for PACE Center for Girls, Sandy has offered many impactful contributions to the development and evolution of the organization's programs. Most notably, she [...]

Q&A Client News: Capt. Daniel Andrews

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News-Press | Young Professional of the Year Nominee Each year, The News-Press Media Group hosts a celebration in honor of people and the organizations who have made a significant impact in Southwest Florida in the past year. This year, Quenzel Marketing Agency is happy to announce that our client, Capt. Daniel Andrews, has been nominated as a finalist in the 31st edition of the 2017 People of the Year awards. Please join us in congratulating Capt. Daniel Andrews of Captains For Clean Water on his nomination for this prestigious award. Growing up in Southwest Florida, Daniel spent many of his days either outdoors or on the water fishing. From here in SWFL all the way down to the Florida Keys, there isn't a body of water that Daniel hasn't come in contact with. As a result of spending so many hours on the water, Daniel witnessed first-hand a larger problem at play with [...]

July 2017

September 2016

Q&A Client News: Bailey’s General Store

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Lee County, Florida’s largest annual business event, is the Industry Appreciation Awards. Presented by The Horizon Council, Horizon Foundation and Lee County Economic Development office, the awards honor local businesses that make a significant contribution to the economy. This year, Bailey’s General Store earned The LocalLEE Grown Business Award. The award recognizes a company founded in Lee County, Florida which is distinguished by its operational excellence and commitment to the vibrancy of Southwest Florida’s business climate. Providing groceries, hardware and gift items to the Sanibel-Captiva community since 1899, Bailey’s General Store is one of the oldest locally-owned companies. Still operated by Bailey family members, the company now has 100 full-time employees and has added a second location at the Sundial Resort on Sanibel.  Bailey’s also created Sanibel Captiva Catering Company, which employs an additional 10 Lee County residents. To learn more about the folks at Bailey's General Store and their commitment to operational excellence [...]

Q&A Client News: Synapse Group

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Synapse Group, Inc to Integrate Bizrate Insights into Expanded Digital Marketing Portfolio Time Inc's acquisition of voice of the consumer data company Bizrate Insights "marks another step in Time Inc.’s transformation into a data-driven organization while broadening the suite of integrated marketing services they can offer advertisers." Synapse CEO Sebastien Bilodeau commented: “Bizrate Insights allows us to substantially expand our digital marketing services, creating additional consumer touchpoints to help our marketing partners.” Synapse Group, Inc, a longtime client of the agency, is an "affinity marketing company that creates custom marketing solutions to help partners achieve their strategic objectives. Synapse partners include brick-and-mortar retailers, ecommerce organizations, airlines, hotels and direct response companies. Synapse is a leading marketer of magazine subscriptions in the United States, with expertise in customer acquisition, continuity marketing, retention and customer service. Building on their continuity marketing expertise, Synapse has diversified the business to also market other products and services, including branded loyalty continuity [...]

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