May 2019

Happy Talk Like Yoda Day!

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'Do. Or do not. There is no try.' - Yoda Are you a Star Wars fan? We are, and no Yoda quote better reflects the spirit of our commitment to helping our clients get more customers, then Yoda's simple directive to Luke Skywalker; 'Do. Or do not. There is no try.' Talk Like Yoda Day and the whole Star Wars saga is a great example of the power of storytelling. Storytelling is also a powerful marketing communications tool. Stories makes it easy for people to understand and connect with with your brand or business. Every great brand or business has its own unique story to tell. Great stories start with a hero, who has a problem to solve. The hero usually meets a guide who gives them a plan and calls them to action, which helps the hero avoid failure and allow the story to end in success. Much like Yoda, Quenzel Marketing Agency is [...]

June 2018

Oscar Wilde & Branding


"Some brands bring happiness wherever you encounter them; other whenever you stop using them." - Earl Quenzel. When's the last time you measured your customers' level of brand happiness compared to their competitive options? If you haven't conducted Voice of the Customer Research in the last 12 months, you may want to consider a Q&A Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review. Our marketing agency's unique approach to helping our clients get more customers starts with helping our clients look at their customers, brand, marketing efforts & resulting business performance in unique, new ways. One of the most important elements of a Q&A Fresh-Eyes Marketing Review is  our Fresh-Eyes Review on Your Core Customers & their Competitive Options.

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