Icon Graphic used by the Florida Marketing Agency, Quenzel & Associates.

Our Florida Marketing Agency uses an Orange icon as a graphic design element in our new business marketing materials, presentations and on our website. Prospective clients are often curious about the Orange icon. What it means, or… Why we use it. If you’re curious about what an Orange has to do with a full-service, integrated marketing agency, please read on:

The color Orange is Bright, Vibrant & Energetic. In other words, Mentally Stimulating.

Although historically used to symbolize the values of Strength & Endurance, most people associate a sense of Nurturing with the color Orange.

To many, Orange represents Change… from Day to Night as the sky turns a golden-orange at sunset or from Summer to Winter as the leaves turn a reddish-orange in Fall. In other words, it’s a color on the Edge… the edge of day and night or Summer and Winter.

Because Orange stimulates energy, lively conversations & good times, many associate Orange with the trait of Sociable. Feng Shui experts back-up this view with claims that Orange brings Fame & a Positive Reputation.

As a Florida Marketing Agency, we see the Orange as a symbol of our brand’s personality… Bright, Vibrant, Energetic, Strong, Enduring & Warm. It symbolizes how we want our clients & business partners to think & talk about us. It symbolizes what we try to bring to the party and what we do every day for every client… Stimulate lively conversations on new ways to improve their Reputation & Fame. In other words, to help Our Clients Get More Customers.

The Science Behind the Idea.

It also helps us emphasize the importance we place on strategically-driven creative. We’ve observed & learned that a brand’s Messaging Architecture & Graphic Design plays a critical role in a brand’s’ success. The bright orange color attracts the human eye so the brand gets noticed. 

The curvy wedge is a more pleasurable design object to view than a sharp, hard edged visual. As the eye & mind perceive the visual it helps generate positive feelings which then get transferred or become associated with our brand.

Finally, the visual is competitively unique which helps people remember our brand from all the others.

A human’s brain contains over 100 billion cells which connect with up to 7,000 other brain cells. This ‘network’ is the most complex analysis & decision-making system in the world.

Influencing that system to pay attention to your message, understand it, retain it, feel a preference for it and change behavior to your benefit as a result of it requires a deep understanding of how the mind works. The following super-summarizes what we’ve learned from Neurobiology experts about how the mind works.

  • The mind’s perceptive process begins when the eye transmits what it sees to the occipital lobe of the brain, where it’s registered as an inverted, two-dimensional representation of the object.
  • The brain interprets what it sees, turning the inverted two dimensional viewed object into an upright image with a three-dimensional appearance.
  • People don’t notice this instantaneous process on a conscious level. Why? Because of the brain’s massive ability to quickly process vast amounts of visual stimuli.
  • In fact, the brain’s massive ability to quickly process vast amounts of visual stimuli, leads many to believe their opinions are carefully considered and well thought out, when the reality is that they happen extremely quickly and mostly on an unconscious level.
  • Research shows that once someone’s formed an opinion about something they read or ‘saw’, it’s very hard for them to change their opinion. Sometimes, even in the face of contradictory facts.

The conscious awareness and recall of a frequent and highly visible message can influence a person’s perceptions about a company’s overall image and the ‘perceived quality’ of that company’s products and services. This can ultimately giving businesses greater control over their image.