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Digital Marketing Agency

How our Digital Marketing Agency team helps our clients get more customers.

As a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency, we approach Digital Marketing as an essential element of every clients overall marketing mix.

Our Agency's Internet Marketing Teams understand that SEO is the most efficient & effective web marketing method to generate highly-qualified traffic to your web site. Research & experience shows that consumers place a great deal of trust in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) a Search Engines displays in response to a person's query. This trust translates into greater customer brand awareness, brand consideration & brand trial.

How our approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps our clients get more customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the internet marketing process of raising a website's internet ranking in the ‘organic listings of a search engine results pages in response to a search for specific terms.

Our agency's Digital MarketingtTeam understands that SEO is both the art and science of working within the major Search Engines' rules to achieve a high ranking for a website's key web pages.

People use Search Engines much like they use the Yellow Pages… but with one BIG difference

– businesses are listed in order of their Relevancy to each person ’s particular search terms.

In response to a customer's particular search terms, the typical Search Engine Results Page displays or 'recommends' only 10 websites/pages at a time. Research and experience shows that in any given search, the majority of consumers will never get past the first Search Engine Results Page. They will make a choice on which web site to visit from those listed on the first Search Engine Results Page. This makes ranking high on the first Search Engine Results Page a significant competitive advantage.

How our Digital Marketing Agency team's approach to eMail Marketing helps our clients get more customers.

A: eMail is a cost-effective way to achieve many business goals. At Q&A, we use eMail Marketing to improve customer insight, raise brand awareness, increase brand credibility, keep more current customers, generate new leads, convert prospects to customers & drive direct sales volume.

No business was ever successful without a growing base of customers. We focus eMail marketing efforts on growing the value of your customer base. We deploy company-specific benchmarks for continuous improvement.

How our Digital Marketing Agency's approach to Sponsored Ads or Pay Per Click helps our clients get more customers.

As an Internet Marketing Agency in Florida, we see sponsored listings as an internet marketing tactic for immediately getting a website listed at the top of the first ‘results page’ a search engine returns in response to a search for specific terms.

While not a long-term internet marketing solution for driving core web traffic, Sponsored Listings are an effective Web Marketing method for getting a website premium placement quickly. Sponsored Listings are also relatively cost-efficient from an ROI perspective relative to other web marketing options such as eMail & Online Ads.

How our Digital Marketing Agency team leverages Social Media Marketing to help our clients get more customers.

A: Today, word-of-mouth has gone global. Today's customer:

  • Seeks Information from a Variety of Online Media Sources
  • Sees Information/Reviews from Your Past-Customers
  • Trusts Online Opinions as Much or More than Your Advertising
  • Acts Upon these Online Opinions, More & More Frequently

Remember the old adage that a customer who has a good experience tells 3 people, while a customer with a bad one tells 10? Well, today, businesses must prepare for the fact that, within 24 hours of doing business with you more and more consumers will write or video a 'personal review' of that experience, post it online & broadcast over wildly popular and widely available online channels that are viewed world wide.

Recent Internet Marketing Agency, Florida Writings

Google Announces ‘Fundamental’ Adwords Change.

To ensure our clients get more customers, at our Advertising Agency we council clients on the need to carefully integrate their Branding, Advertising, Web Design and Internet Marketing efforts to deliver the Right Message, to the Right Audience, at the Right Time, with the Right Offer. This approach requires significant co-ordination, but always pays-off in terms of superior results.

Today, Google made it quite a bit easier to make sure your Pay-Per-Click campaigns do just that with their decision to make Google AdWords campaigns ‘Device Independent.’ That means Internet Marketers no longer need to establish different campaigns for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. While you’ll no longer need to set-up different campaigns for each device, you will be able to ‘target’ mobile devices through the bidding process.

For a quick overview of the Changes announced by Google, just a few hours ago, the video below explains their plans.

Q: How Does a Search Engine Work?

As a Web Marketing Agency in Florida, we often get asked; ‘How does a search engine work?’ This online video, from Google, provides a nice explanation.