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Q: Who leads your Agency's Customer Loyalty & Customer Retention Marketing?

A: When you work with our Agency's Customer Loyalty Marketing team, you work directly with the principals, Colleen and Earl Quenzel.

The agency's founders started in the Customer Loyalty Marketing business... designing, developing & delivering some of the most innovative Customer Retention and Customer Loyalty Marketing programs in the business for such leading consumer brands as TWA, Continental Airlines, American Express, Time Inc, AT&T, priceline, jetBlue, Marriott, Hilton Hotels & Spirit Airlines.

Importantly, Earl spent a big part of his career actively managing what many consider one of the best Airline Customer Loyalty Marketing Programs, Continental Airline's OnePass Program, and the largest Customer Loyalty Marketing Program in the United States, AT&T's True Reward Loyalty Program. When you work with our agency's Customer Loyalty Marketing team, you'll find our agency's practical, hands-on, experience with Customer Loyalty programs helps you find & keep the right customers to Grow Your Business... Fast & Profitably.

Q: What's your Agency's definition of Customer Loyalty?

A: Our Agency defines True Customer Loyalty as a feeling of attachment and future commitment to a brand's people, products and services that expresses itself in three, measurable behaviors: a majority share of the customer's current purchases, an increasing dominant share of the customer's purchases over time and a consistent, proactive practice of positive reviews, recommendations and referrals.

Loyalty is not linear. It takes a superior experience to catch and hold a customer's loyalty. Superior profitability is a consequence of customer loyalty. Managing for profitability and managing for loyalty involves the integration of very specific marketing strategies and operational actions.

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Q: What's unique about your Agency's Customer Loyalty Marketing approach?

A: We've observed and learned that no business was ever successful without a growing base of loyal, repeat customers.  However, we've also observed and learned that many business owners and brand managers mistake Customer Rewards and their Customer Rewards program as Loyalty Marketing.

While rewarding customers for certain behaviors certainly plays a role in customer loyalty, we understand that Rewards and/or Rewards Programs do NOT equal Loyalty. Our agency's approach reflects the reality that true customer loyalty stems from providing your customers with a superior experience.

Creating a superior customer experience results from delivering with integrity the kind and amount of core category value (functionality and service) expected, a capability or service, unique to the brand, that strike a responsive chords or feels customized... and, superb service recovery if things go wrong.

Quite simply, our agency's approach to a successfully building Customer Loyalty & long-term financial success for our clients can be expressed as follows:

Customer Satisfaction = Brand Loyalty = Brand Growth & Profitability.

In our experience, the more competitive the client's marketplace, the more important the level of the customer's satisfaction in driving an intent to make repeat purchases... and actual repeat purchase behavior. We also see big differences between the loyalty (intent to repeat and actual repeat behavior) of satisfied customers and completely satisfied customers... with any drop from total satisfaction resulting in a major drop in brand loyalty and a customer's intent to make repeat purchases or recommend the brand to others.

Our agency's approach to helping our client's build True Customer Loyalty among their best customers (high-value/high-volume) encompasses a fully integrated effort. It starts with a sharp focus on identifying a client's most prized customers... those the client can serve profitably. Real customer insight lies at the heart of our approach: what your best customers think about your brand in relationship to the other brands they consider a viable options to meet their need(s), how they respond to your brand's efforts to build a mutually beneficial, two-way relationship and what they really want from your or a competitors brand (it's rarely the lowest price). In short, our agency's approach centers on identifying the right combination of product features, pricing and services that excel in solving your 'best customers' particular need/problems and delivering them in a way that completely reflects their personal preferences and values.

Airline Loyalty Program Creative:


Continental Airlines


Customer Loyalty Program
Best Frequent Flyer Program

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Freddie Awards

Customer Loyalty Program
Business Impact

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Business Impact

Customer Loyalty Program

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Enrollment

Customer Loyalty Program

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Activation

Customer Loyalty Program

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Re-Activation

Customer Loyalty Program
Incremental Traffic Building

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Incremental Traffic Building

Customer Loyalty Program
Unique Reward Experiences

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Unique Reward Experiences

Customer Loyalty Program
Elite Status

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Elite Status

Customer Loyalty Program
Private Sale

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - Private Sale

Customer Loyalty Program
College Marketing

OnePass - Customer Loyalty Program - College Marketing

New Study Shows Hotel Customer Loyalty Programs Don’t Work.

A new Customer Loyalty study by the Travel, Hospitality, and Leisure practice group at the consulting firm Deloitte LLP shows that the Customer Loyalty programs designed for most hotel brands don’t deliver.

With Hotel Loyalty program members spending almost 50% of their time at other hotel brands, the Customer Loyalty programs, as currently designed and executed, simple¬†have little or no impact on the customer’s purchase decision and purchase behavior.

The study suggests that if Hotels want to make their Customer Loyalty Programs more effective, they should:

  • Encourage specific behaviors with unexpected rewards
  • Make rewards personally meaningful
  • Provide in-the-moment accessible rewards
  • Be forgiving; don’t penalize behavior that loyalty programs encourage
  • Reshape the customer experience
  • Reinvest in capabilities and infrastructure
You can read the full study here: Customer Loyalty in the Hotel Industry

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