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Q: What role does Customer Experience play in creating Competitive Advantage?

A: Marketing isn't only about communicating the Brand Promise; it's about delivering the Brand Promise After the sale.

Today, success requires 'Brand Experiences' which distinguish your business from your competitors. Everything your company does before, during, and after the sale reinforces consumer perceptions of your brand. How companies 'Walk Their Talk' directly impacts their bottom-line.

Q&A consistently sees significant differences between 'Satisfied' customers & 'Completely Satisfied' customers with respect to Repeat Purchases, Retention Rates, Customer Loyalty and Likeliness to Recommend.

Q: How does Q&A define, design, develop & integrate unique Customer Experiences into my overall marketing mix?

Q&A's Customer Experience process defines the necessary performance levels & standards required to deliver complete satisfaction & build lasting customer relationships.

Our process includes Benchmarking current performance levels, Researching desired performance levels, an Ideation Workshop to seek & share ideas, a Summary Readout to collate, categorize & priorities improvement ideas, an Implementation plan, training & Feedback Loop process.

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