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Q: What's your Agency's Customer Acquisition Strategy?

A: Intense competition keen on growth through 'share-shift' & savvy customers demanding more & more makes the acquisition of new customers more complex than ever. This change is causing many companies to significantly rethink & restructure their new customer acquisition marketing efforts.

Today, building an effective & efficient Customer Acquisition Machine requires:

Clear & Compelling Brand Value Proposition. Providing the right set of customers a real value they understand, believe in & value enough to consistently prefer & choose when confronted with alternative choices.

Crisp, Integrated Marketing Execution, Tracking & Reporting. Value-added marketing programs. A bias towards testing & learning. Clear success metrics, ongoing performance tracking & monthly reporting/reviews.

Competitively Advantaged Customer Experience. Delivered by people trusted & empowered to make the right decisions & take care of the customer.

Q: How Does Quenzel & Associates Approach New Customer Acquisition for its Clients?

A: Our Advertising Agency follows a disciplined 7 step process for ensuring that Our Clients Get More Customers.

Define Your Core Target Prospects by Understanding Your Best Customers. To successfully target new customers, you need to learn more about your best current customers as well as past customers. This requires several types of analysis on your customers database including customer segmentation, RFM analysis (recency, frequency and monetary), demographic and psychographics analysis. In addition, our unique Q&A Voice of the Customer research helps many clients achieve new levels of customer understanding & customer behaviour insight.

Understand the Competitive Implications from Your Customer's Point of View. In addition to understanding competitive offerings, threats & advantages we also identify what actions we should take as a result. For example, we can help answer such questions as: What tactics will create advantage for your business? What should we leverage? What do we need to create to meet customer’s needs?

Develop Specific, Measurable Objectives. Next, we work with you to establish objectives for each program for overcoming the key barriers to achieving your business objectives.

Allocate Your Marketing Investments. Working with you, we identify the right allocation of investments among sub segments, programs and projected returns on alternative investment strategies.

Define the Implementation Plans. The most effective way to proceed is to look at the organization's needs on a monthly basis. The reason is that it's much easier to reach and exceed goals in a smaller, more targeted program then one that is too broad. At this stage, we also identity, develop and install the necessary tools and resources to execute and measure the integrated marketing programs & marketing strategies.

Implement the Plans/Go To Market. Finally, we implement the agreed upon plans while monitoring customer and market responsiveness… ensuring a quality customer experience.

Measure & Report Results Monthly. Identify results of the marketing investment strategy, share ideas & actions to improve & implement continuous process improvement. In post-analysis you will be able to see which creative, lists/media proved to be the most successful and then continually tweak which names and which outlet you use to target future prospects so that you are always getting the best possible return on investment.

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