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Q&A: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Below, you'll find answers to the most common questions potential clients ask about our Agency's Branding and Brand Marketing credentials, capabilities and creative process for ensuring... Our Clients Get More Customers.

Q: Who does your Brand Marketing Agency help get more customers? Are all your branding clients in Florida?

A: Our Brand Marketing Agency serves clients in five key industry sectors: Travel & Leisure Recreation, Contractors for Home Services, Residential & Commercial Real Estate, Retail Marketing for Consumer Goods & Services, Medical & Professional Services.

Although we work in an amazing business environment blessed by some of the world's most beautiful natural resources and the unique, creative individuals attracted to them, we serve local, regional, national and international clients on both a retained services and project basis.

Q: What does your agency mean by brand-building?

A: Prospects & customers ‘shop' because they are looking for a solution to a particular ‘problem' or 'need.’  The more consumers feel a particular brand is the best solution to their particular need; the bigger the brand becomes. That’s what our Branding Agency means by Brand-Building.

The days of automatic growth are over. Today, power flows from an increasingly informed, empowered & confident customer. They decides what your brand stands for and if it’s relevant to their evolving needs.

If your brand immediately springs to mind, as the best possible solution to a customer’s particular need every time they encounter that need in a decision-making or buying situation; you have a strong brand. Strong brands deliver their promise in terms of product, service and buying experience. Strong brands also make an emotional connection with their core target market that is both meaningful and relevant. “It’s for people like me.”

Brand-Building is the business process of understanding consumers' current perception of your reputation while growing the business by managing the brand's awareness, understanding, differentiation, relevance and esteem relative to other brands in the competitive space.

Q: What makes your Florida Branding Agency's approach to Branding, Brand-Building and Brand Marketing successful?

A: While every client and business situation is different, we observed & learned that:

To Build Your Business, You Need to Build Your Brand's Reputation.

As more and more consumers feel they have a particular need or problem & the more they see your brand (company, products, services, etc.) as the best possible solution to their need or problem; the bigger your business becomes. It’s what motivates them to choose one product, service or company over another. 

Branding is About Strategy. Strategy is About Competitive Advantage.

Brand Strategy is Business Strategy. Brand Strategy is about creating a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Brand Strategy is about knowing what you want your company to stand for in the mind of the marketplace. Your brand's identity & reputation are an extension of how customers experience & talk about your business. A winning Brand Strategy focuses on delivering what really motivates a customer to choose one product, service or company over another. Very seldom is it all about price!

It’s About Brand Loyalty.

No business was ever successful without a growing base of loyal repeat customers. Our brand-building approach starts with maximizing growth from your current repeat customer-base. A growing base of loyal, repeat customers reduces the spending pressure to acquire more & more new customers, every year.

It’s About Disciplined Brand Design.

Your brand identity as expressed through your advertising and website are often the first “touch-point” in a prospect's experience with your brand. Our graphic & web designers focus on delivering a winning brand identity & graphic design that communicates your desired brand image & brand personality in a way that today's savvy consumer can identify with as relevant to their lifestyle.

It’s About Brand Integration.

As reflected in their strategy, products, services, communications, recruiting, training and physical atmosphere; great brands align their customer's end-to-end experience to their Brand Value Proposition. Our Florida branding agency approaches Customer Experience Design in a way that integrates the ‘brand promise’ across the entire customer experience — how customers learn about the brand, how they buy it, how they receive or get it, how they use it, how they pay for it and any services they may require along the end-to-end customer experience.

It’s About Brand Execution.

Great brands distinguish themselves on delivering the core brand attributes & brand promise identified in the Q&A Strategic Brand Marketing Plan. Effective customer listening helps us monitor, track & report the actual execution & delivery of the brand strategy through all customer touch-points with the brand. This data allows the brand management to identify process improvements needed in customer facing functions as well as the business disciplines that support the customer-facing functions & associates.

It’s About Brand Measurement.

To drive learning & continuous improvement, every month we measure the impact of your brand spending on your business results using our proprietary monthly results-reporting process, Q&A Brand Marketing Metrics. Every month, we sit with each client & hold our agency accountable for specific, measurable branding, advertising, website & internet marketing results that tie directly to the client's business results. We measure ourselves against specific criteria & goals defined & detailed in the Q&A Strategic Brand Marketing Plan prepared for each client of our branding agency.

Q: What can I expect from a Q&A Brand Marketing Audit?

A: A fact-based review of your current marketing conditions. Q&A Brand Marketing Audits provide unique insights into your customers and competitors.

We look at the total market and key marketing trends. We review your growth rate, identify your key customer segments and your customer's competitive preferences. We isolate the key success factors and identify potential sources of future growth (Enter new markets, steal share, sell more to current customers, fill new segment needs, etc.). We quantify the key Customer Success Drivers and identify new ideas for Competitive Advantage. Unique, powerful & fact-based, Q&A Brand Marketing Audits bring 'fresh-eyes' & new perspectives to a client’s historical understanding of their business. Q&A Brand Marketing Audits provide the hard facts to create the best Brand Value Proposition, Brand Message and Brand Experience.

Q&A Brand Marketing Audits encapsulate the critical Business, Brand and Marketing issues in a crisp fashion that provides a framework for making the best strategic choices & trade-offs between competing issues. In short, they show the best way to win in the marketplace.

We also review the overall competitive environment and your principal competitors (where they're headed, their key target audience(s), their reputation as well as any recent or expected actions). We assess your key competitors' resources & power from the customer's perspective. (What customers say they're good at doing... and what they're poor at doing. We seek to understand how they act and how they respond. We also provide a competitive product review and marketing mix comparison (Product, Pricing, Promo, Distribution & Expenditures).

Q: What does a Q&A Strategic Brand Marketing Plan cover?

A: In the marketplace, the quality of your strategic thinking drives your competitive advantage. Q&A Strategic Brand Marketing plans detail the specific steps required to turn potential sources of Competitive Advantage into actual, measurable business results.

Our agency's Brand-Building Strategy focuses on four success factors that can create a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace:

  • Compelling Brand Promise or Brand Value Proposition:Identifying the important customer value, brand benefit & experience you promise to consistently deliver.
  • Clear Brand Positioning: Communicating the brand's relevance & superiority vs. the competition.
  • Unique Brand Experience:Those things the customer experiences that positively distinguish the business from the competition.
  • Superior Delivery of the Brand Promise: End-to-end customer experience.

Q&A Strategic Brand Marketing Plans also specify the required tactical commitments, priorities, budget allocations, key metrics & milestones to quickly build competitive advantage. They detail the actions & accountable teams for turning Brand Strategy into immediate, positive business results.

Q: How can your agency's approach to Branding, Brand-Building & Brand Marketing make it easier for my business to get more customers?

A: Our Florida agency's branding, brand-building and brand marketing services help our clients positively distinguish their brand from their competitors in the marketplace, which makes it more efficient and more cost effective for... our clients to get more customers.

Your brand is your reputation. The sum of thoughts & feelings about your business, embedded in the consumers’ mind. For consumers, a ‘brand’ is a quick, reliable way to filter information relevant to them and reduce their purchase risk with a high degree of confidence.

When a prospect or customer believes they will get the promised performance from a brand, it saves them time & effort. Brands that save customers the time & effort 'shopping around' enjoy an advantage in the competitive marketplace. The confidant consumer ‘knows’ the brand will be the best solution for them.

For businesses, a strong ‘brand’ provides clarity, focus and direction as well as a sense of belonging & pride for employees. In competitive environments, effective ‘brands’ create real preference, decrease price sensitivity, increase competitive advantage and enhance business performance. In short, they build business.

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Q&A In the News: Airline Information Customer Loyalty, Ancillary Revenue Merchandising and Travel Co-Brand Mega Event 2014

Quenzel & Associates Customer Loyalty Marketing Expert to Provide Opening Remarks at Annual Airline Information Event in New Orleans

With the airline industry starting to generate profits at pre-Great Recession levels, the challenge is where to reinvest the money to ensure on-going growth and profitability.

With over 600 attendees from around the world, the 2014 Mega Event is one of the largest and most elite gathering of Customer Loyalty, Ancillary Revenue and Travel Co-Brand Card Marketing professionals.

On Tuesday, November 18th, Earl Quenzel, a Partner at Florida marketing agency Quenzel & Associates, will provide opening remarks to kick-off the annual Airline Information’s Mega Event 2014 on Tuesday, November 18th in New Orleans, LA.

In the afternoon, Mr. Quenzel will also serve as ‘Chief Lion’ again for the popular Lion Dens’ session, highlighting new & emerging loyalty innovations.

The Lions’ Den provides a platform for businesses to showcase new customer loyalty-related products & services. Think of “Shark Tank” for the airline industry. Four companies will present their “pitch” to the Lion’s Den, showcasing their latest innovations in the travel industry. The four participating companies are: Mozio, LRG Rewards, 500friends, and Mobacar.

The ‘Lions Den’ session, with Earl Quenzel as Chief Lion, is consistently an audience favorite at Airline Information’s Frequent Flyer Program conferences.

That evening, Mr. Quenzel will serve as Chief Judge of the 2014 Mega Awards event winners dinner. The annual awards dinner recognizes the best in marketing innovation and marketing campaigns. Firms will be honored for:

- Loyalty Campaign of the Year.
- Loyalty Innovation of the Year.
- Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Campaign of the Year.
- Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Innovation of the Year.
- Travel Co-Brand Card Campaign of the Year.
- Travel Co-brand Card Innovation of the Year.

Mr. Quenzel, who the Wall Street Journal credited with building Continental Airlines’ OnePass frequent flyer program into a marketing powerhouse that ‘saved the airline from bankruptcy,’ is internationally recognized as a Customer Loyalty Marketing Expert.

An established leader and innovator in commercial aviation conferences, Airline Information’s Mega Event 2014 features four events in a single venue. Over 450 marketing executives will participate in the Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) & Frequent Guest Loyalty Conference, Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Conference, Travel Co-branded Credit Cards Conference, as well as the annual Mega Awards.

About Quenzel & Associates, Inc.
Quenzel & Associates is a full-service, integrated marketing agency that develops, deploys & tracks new customer acquisition, current customer optimization and customer retention marketing campaigns to help Our clients get more customers.

We do three things to help Our Clients Get More Customers: First, we focus on uncovering new and unique marketing insights into our clients’ core customers and key competitors. Next, we turn insights into effective & efficient marketing investments. Finally, we track, measure, analyze & report the results of our clients’ brand marketing investments on a monthly basis.

Quenzel & Associates is headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida.Q Photo

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