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New Travel Web Design by Quenzel & Associates for Travel Destination & Travel Marketing client Best Trip Choices.

Travel Web Design | Fort Myers, Florida

The principals involved in this travel website are Dr. Stanley C. Plog and Bahir Browsh.  In 2004, Stan received the Alfred E. Koehl Lifetime Achievement Award for travel marketing from HSMAI (Hotel Sales & Marketing Association International). Bahir was one of the four senior executives that started the cable network… Travel Channel in 1988.After 6-months of re-building, we re-launched the Best Trip Choices.com website for them with a new, more attractive design, added features and easier navigation. The new & improved site offers travelers five totally unique features not found on any other website:

  • Travel Personality Quiz. Based on three decades of traveler research by Dr. Plog, the scientifically validated survey groups people into one of six travel psycho-graphic profiles. Dr. Plog’s method for classifying travelers is featured in his book Leisure Travel – A Marketing Handbook. His break-through work is taught in hundreds of college tourism courses and has been covered in a variety of professional journals, including the Cornell School of Hospitality Quarterly.
  • 600+ Destinations Ranked by Overall Appeal. Based on over 60,000 fresh evaluations from actual travelers, the site ranks over 600 destinations on Appeal (defined as travelers’ evaluation of the destination as ‘a great place to visit.’) matches a person’s travel personality with the Top 30 Destinations rated highest for people like them.
  • 600+ Destinations Ranked by Value for the Money. Based on over 60,000 actual traveler evaluations, we rank over 600 destinations on value for the money (defined as the experience you had at the destination was worth what you paid, not that it’s the cheapest place to visit).
  • 600+ Destinations Ranked by Combined Appeal & Value for the Money. Based on over 60,000 actual traveler evaluations, we rank over 600 destinations on their combined score for Appeal & Value. On the website you can play with the ranking system by using the up and down arrows for either the Appeal or Value dimensions, or the combined scores.
  • Top 30 Destinations by Travel Personality. Based on the results from over 60,000 actual traveler evaluations, the site matches the 30 Best Destinations (15 Best U.S. Destinations and 15 Best International Destinations) for each the six different travel personality types. In addition, we included the overall star ratings for each of the 30 Best Destinations by Travel Personality.

This various rankings produce some surprising and interesting results.  And now it’s possible for travelers to select places on the basis of it’s a great place to visit and it also offers good value for the money.


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