Google Announces ‘Fundamental’ Adwords Change.

To ensure our clients get more customers, at our Advertising Agency we council clients on the need to carefully integrate their Branding, Advertising, Web Design and Internet Marketing efforts to deliver the Right Message, to the Right Audience, at the Right Time, with the Right Offer. This approach requires significant co-ordination, but always pays-off in terms of superior results.

Today, Google made it quite a bit easier to make sure your Pay-Per-Click campaigns do just that with their decision to make Google AdWords campaigns ‘Device Independent.’ That means Internet Marketers no longer need to establish different campaigns for mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. While you’ll no longer need to set-up different campaigns for each device, you will be able to ‘target’ mobile devices through the bidding process.

For a quick overview of the Changes announced by Google, just a few hours ago, the video below explains their plans.

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