Q&A Brand Marketing Audit

Branding is About Strategy. Strategy is About Creating Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace.

When it comes to smart business growth, the quality of a company’s strategic, tactical & creative thinking ties directly to the competitive advantage it enjoys in the marketplace.

The Q&A Brand Marketing Audit is our advertising agency’s quality process for developing the most effective competitive strategy for your brand.

The end result of a Q&A Brand Marketing Audit provides creative new thinking about how your firm can attract, satisfy & retain the dominant market share of high-value, high-volume customers within its competitive set.

While Q&A Brand Marketing Audits differ from client to client, every Q&A Brand Marketing Audit focuses on exploring, identifying & understanding the key business, brand & marketing issues affecting your business’ performance. Our agency’s approach provides a fact-based, structured process for gathering, organizing & understanding your firm’s position with its customers & competitors. Our Brand Marketing teams provide ‘fresh-eyes’ to a client’s historical perspective.

Each Q&A Brand Marketing Audit includes a deep-dive into both the background and history of the key challenges affecting your business. Working one-on-one with a client’s leadership team we also identify or develop the critical Business/Brand performance metrics, which we use to measure progress against the desired Business/Brand performance.

Q&A Voice of the Customer Research – Critical Satisfiers:
To develop a fact-based understanding of your core customer for success, what they value & the key purchase drivers that move that customer segment to take action; we deploy a data-driven approach to identify & rank the most important functional & emotional benefits sought by those customers. We also identify who else they consider as a viable alternative to their needs as well as how they feel towards your specific competitors. The unique customer insights revealed from our Branding Agency’s Q&A Voice of the Customer Research helps to identify critical sources of sustainable, competitive advantage.

Q&A Brand Marketing Audit – Key Deliverables.
A full Q&A Brand Marketing Audit includes the following:
- Q&A Executive Team Survey
- Q&A Associate Survey
- Q&A Voice of the Customer Research
- Q&A Voice of the Customer Competitive Perceptions
- Q&A Brand Marketing Audit – Final Report.

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