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Marketing Agency Survey Uncovers What Women Really Want on Valentine’s Day…

Brands that market to women know if you can get them talking positively about your brand they will consider their brand when it comes time to make a purchase.

Many plastic surgeons see a spike in appointments in the weeks leading to Valentine’s Day as many of their patients pursue looking their best for the holiday. In an effort to better understand the Valentine’s Day holiday and what it means to women, Dr. Garramone, a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers Florida’s had his medical marketing agency, Quenzel & Associates conduct an anonymous survey of his patients and non-patients. While it was no surprise, 91% of the respondents were female, there were a few surprises.

Women’s Top Gift Choices.
Respondents were presented 24 gift options and asked to rank them in terms of what they would like this year. Gifts that help women feel more beautiful such as spa treatments, Botox injections, HydraFacials, Botox and non-invasive fat reduction treatments like CoolSculpting ranked in the top 10 beating such traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as flowers, clothing and lingerie.

Gifts that helped women feel more beautiful even beat a new car, puppy or kitten as the gifts they would like this year.

Do Women Get What They Want?
61% of the women surveyed indicated they typically ‘get what they want’ on Valentine’s Day, 24% don’t and 13% declared there was ‘no chance’ their spouse or significant other would ever get them what they want on Valentine’s Day.

Do Women Forget Their Loved Ones on Valentine’s Day?
Though, respondents ranked Valentine’s Day as 7th out of 9 holidays in terms of importance, 97% had not forgotten their significant other on the day.

Which Song Best Represents a Woman’s Feelings About Valentine’s Day?
When asked about what song ‘best represents Valentine’s Day’ to them, Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you” ranked #1 with Stevie Wonder’s, “I just called to say I love you” and Captain & Tennille’s “Love will keep us together” coming in 2nd and 3rd. This year, 4% indicated that”Love stinks” by J Giles Band ‘best represented Valentine’s Day’ to them.

TV Advertising Agency on Most Effective Super Bowl Ads

While an entertaining approach contributes to a TV commercial’s likability, it’s a relatively small part of what makes a TV commercial effective.

Annually, we share our analysis of the most effective and least effective Super Bowl commercials with CBS Wink News.

We’re often asked why we include or don’t include a particular TV commercial that everyone thought was very funny or entertaining. Over the years, the TV advertising agency team at Quenzel & Associates created, produced and tracked the marketplace results of hundreds of TV commercials. Our TV advertising agency team knows that creating an effective TV commercial — the kind that drives new web visits, call volume, store traffic, appointments, reservations, requests for proposal, drives the desired business result — goes far beyond the ‘entertainment’ value the TV commercial delivers.

A considerable body of research supports our real world experience helping our clients get more customers. Perhaps the most authoritative work on the topic of TV advertising effectiveness, M.J. Schlinger’s Viewer Reaction Profile (VRP), identifies five dimensions that contribute to a TV Commercial’s effectiveness. Each TV Advertising effectiveness dimension can be measured by a viewer’s reaction to specific attributes.

TV Advertising Effectiveness Dimensions:
1.) Brand Reinforcement (two viewer reaction components).
2.) Empathy Factor (five viewer reaction components).
3.) Entertainment Value (seven viewer reaction components).
4.) Familiarity Factor (three viewer reaction components).
5.) Relevant Information (five viewer reaction components).

M.J. Schlinger’s Viewer Reaction Profile (VRP), identifies two dimensions that detract from a TV Commercial’s effectiveness.

TV Advertising Dimensions Which Detract from Effectiveness:
1.) Alienation Factor (six viewer reaction components).
2.) Confusion Factor (four viewer reaction components).

If a TV commercial generates a strong viewer reaction to any of the Alienation or Confusion dimensions, the likelihood of an effective TV commercial drops dramatically. That’s why so many ‘entertaining’ commercials fail to make our list of the most effective Super Bowl TV commercials.

To learn more about what makes a TV commercial effective or to improve the effectiveness of your TV commercials, you may read the original research (sources below) or simply contact Quenzel & Associates.

Research Sources: Strasheim, Arien; Pitt, Leyland; Albert Caruana,. “Psychometric properties of the Schlinger Viewer Response Profile (VRP): Evidence from a large sample. (Report).” Journal of Advertising. 2007.George M. Zinkhan, Scot Burton (1989), “REFINING A MULTIDIMENSIONAL PROFILE FOR TELEVISION COMMERCIALS: AN APPLICATION OF TARGER ANALYSIS”, in Advances in Consumer Research Volume 16, eds. Thomas K. Srull, Provo, UT : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 711-718.

TV Advertising Agency Predicts 11.5 Billion Word-of-Mouth Super Bowl Ad Comments This Year.

This year, our TV Advertising Agency’s Annual Super Bowl Survey Projects Viewers ‘Word-of-Mouth’ Comments on TV Commercials to Exceed 11.5 Billion.

Quenzel & Associates, a full-service integrated marketing agency in Florida released the results of its annual pre-game Super Bowl survey which looks at viewers’ game day intentions and habits.

The big takeaway from this year’s survey shows word-of-mouth comments on advertiser’s commercials, via social media, will exceed 11.5 billion impressions.

“With just one comment from each of the projected 34 million viewers that intend to share their opinions via social media, we estimate the amplification effect of a Super Bowl commercial at 100 times the actual impressions advertisers receive from the TV ad in the game;” said Earl Quenzel, the agency’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Viewers will post more comments about the advertisements (29%) than they will about the game (27%), or the halftime show (24%) according to survey results.

“If an advertiser can capture just 1% of the comments people share online, they double the impressions they received with their Super Bowl advertising media buy,” said Earl Quenzel.

“The results of our study on consumer behavior with respect to Super Bowl TV Advertising and its impact on Word-of-Mouth marketing via social media quantifies the amplification effect and demonstrates the power of TV to drive word- of-mouth.” he explained.

The agency unveiled the results of the survey to Rob Spicker, Co-Host of WINK News, the local CBS affiliate in Southwest, Florida during a guest appearance Friday morning. Earl Quenzel meets with Rob Spicker each year to discuss trends and strategies behind the year’s upcoming Super Bowl advertising on television.

A 100 Year Look at Beauty… In Just One Minute.

The evolution of beauty looks is amazing.Time flies in this video of a woman being made over to showcase the most iconic beauty looks of each decade from the past 100 years.

Which look do you like best?

Q&A In the News: Airline Information Customer Loyalty, Ancillary Revenue Merchandising and Travel Co-Brand Mega Event 2014

Quenzel & Associates Customer Loyalty Marketing Expert to Provide Opening Remarks at Annual Airline Information Event in New Orleans

With the airline industry starting to generate profits at pre-Great Recession levels, the challenge is where to reinvest the money to ensure on-going growth and profitability.

With over 600 attendees from around the world, the 2014 Mega Event is one of the largest and most elite gathering of Customer Loyalty, Ancillary Revenue and Travel Co-Brand Card Marketing professionals.

On Tuesday, November 18th, Earl Quenzel, a Partner at Florida marketing agency Quenzel & Associates, will provide opening remarks to kick-off the annual Airline Information’s Mega Event 2014 on Tuesday, November 18th in New Orleans, LA.

In the afternoon, Mr. Quenzel will also serve as ‘Chief Lion’ again for the popular Lion Dens’ session, highlighting new & emerging loyalty innovations.

The Lions’ Den provides a platform for businesses to showcase new customer loyalty-related products & services. Think of “Shark Tank” for the airline industry. Four companies will present their “pitch” to the Lion’s Den, showcasing their latest innovations in the travel industry. The four participating companies are: Mozio, LRG Rewards, 500friends, and Mobacar.

The ‘Lions Den’ session, with Earl Quenzel as Chief Lion, is consistently an audience favorite at Airline Information’s Frequent Flyer Program conferences.

That evening, Mr. Quenzel will serve as Chief Judge of the 2014 Mega Awards event winners dinner. The annual awards dinner recognizes the best in marketing innovation and marketing campaigns. Firms will be honored for:

- Loyalty Campaign of the Year.
- Loyalty Innovation of the Year.
- Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Campaign of the Year.
- Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Innovation of the Year.
- Travel Co-Brand Card Campaign of the Year.
- Travel Co-brand Card Innovation of the Year.

Mr. Quenzel, who the Wall Street Journal credited with building Continental Airlines’ OnePass frequent flyer program into a marketing powerhouse that ‘saved the airline from bankruptcy,’ is internationally recognized as a Customer Loyalty Marketing Expert.

An established leader and innovator in commercial aviation conferences, Airline Information’s Mega Event 2014 features four events in a single venue. Over 450 marketing executives will participate in the Frequent Flyer Program (FFP) & Frequent Guest Loyalty Conference, Ancillary Revenue & Merchandising Conference, Travel Co-branded Credit Cards Conference, as well as the annual Mega Awards.

About Quenzel & Associates, Inc.
Quenzel & Associates is a full-service, integrated marketing agency that develops, deploys & tracks new customer acquisition, current customer optimization and customer retention marketing campaigns to help Our clients get more customers.

We do three things to help Our Clients Get More Customers: First, we focus on uncovering new and unique marketing insights into our clients’ core customers and key competitors. Next, we turn insights into effective & efficient marketing investments. Finally, we track, measure, analyze & report the results of our clients’ brand marketing investments on a monthly basis.

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People fall down, winners get up and Gold Medal winners just get up faster.

“I was ahead in the slalom. But in the second run, everyone fell on a dangerous spot. I was beaten by a woman who got up faster than I did. I learned that people fall down, winners get up and Gold Medal winners just get up faster.
Bonnie St. John


“Things may come to those who wait… but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln

Q&A – In the News:
Business outlook bullish on second half of this year

From The News Press

August 17, 2014 – Business owners are feeling more positive about the second half of 2014, especially in the industries they know best, according to a national survey by Fort Myers-based Quenzel & Associates Inc. About 43 percent of the business owners surveyed said they feel more positive about the second half of the year than they did in the first six months and 4 percent said they are much more positive, according to the Q&A Market Research Report.

A little more than a third of the respondents, 35 percent, said their optimism hadn’t changed and 17 percent said they were less optimistic. No one was much less optimistic, according to the survey.

“The survivors of the recession have come out cleaner and more focused,” Quenzel & Associates partner Earl Quenzel said. “They have been very conservative about adding cost back into the business.”

And they now are even more optimistic about their own industries, with 57 percent reporting they are more optimistic and 4 percent much more optimistic. No one reported feeling less optimistic or much less optimistic, and 39 percent reported no change.

“I think that speaks to the optimism they feel about their own businesses,” Quenzel said. Quenzel & Associates is a marketing company specializing in branding, advertising, sales, web design and Internet marketing.

The survey was sent to about 3,000 businesses coast to coast and about 1 in 10 responded, Quenzel said.

Quenzel said it is important that businesses conduct market research to make sure their optimism is justified and appropriate.

“If you are feeling good because your business is up 8 percent over last year, that is great unless the rest of your market is up 23 percent,” he said.

Tim Engstrom

Hurricane Charley & South Seas Island Resort

Ten years ago today, Hurricane Charley hit Southwest, Florida. Due to the tight restrictions on Island access after the hurricane, most local residents and seasonal visitors never saw the severe damage Hurricane Charley caused on Captiva Island.

With South Seas Island Resort not fully operational for almost three years, the residents and business owners on Sanibel & Captiva Islands clearly saw the loss from the Islands main economic engine.

We share these images today in recognition of all who rebuilt South Seas Island Resort.