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Q&A: Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?

Below, you'll find answers to the most common questions potential clients ask about our Florida Advertising Agency's credentials, capabilities and creative process for ensuring... Our Clients Get More Customers.

Q: Who does your Florida Advertising Agency help get more customers?

A: As a Full-Service Florida Advertising Agency, we focus on serving clients in four main sectors: Travel & Recreation activities, Consumer Goods & Services (Retail & Online), Medical, Professional & Business Services and Real Estate.

Below, you'll find examples of our Florida Advertising Agency's creative work on behalf of the advertising clients we serve in each of those markets.

Advertising Agency, Florida Travel & Leisure Clients.

Florida is one of the most highly competitive travel advertising markets in the world. Our Advertising Agency helps Florida travel destinations, resorts, hotels and vacation rental companies Get More Customers.

The creative samples below of our Agency Advertising's Florida Travel Advertising Campaigns for Clients provides a small peak into our advertising agency's creative work. To view a broad portfolio of our advertising agency's creative work for travel advertising and leisure & recreation advertising visit our Travel Marketing & Travel Advertising.

Agency Advertising, Florida Travel Destination: Sanibel & Captiva Islands

Advertising Agency, Florida Travel Client Sanibel Island

Agency Advertising, Florida Resort: Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina.

Advertising Agency, Florida Travel Client Pink Shell

Agency Advertising, Florida Recreation Client: Offshore Sailing School.

Advertising Agency, Florida Recreation Client Offshore Sailing

Agency Advertising, Florida Travel Client: Island Vacations

Advertising Agency, Florida Travel Client Sanibel Island Vacations

Advertising Agency, Florida Real Estate & Home Services.

Many of those who come to play decide to stay making Florida a highly competitive marketplace for real estate advertising and homeowner services advertising. Our Advertising Agency helps Florida residential realtors, commercial realtors, businesses that serve residential and commercial real estate marketers as well as those in the construction & home services markets... Get More Customers.

The creative samples below of our Agency Advertising's Florida Real Estate Advertising Campaigns for Clients provides a small peak into our advertising agency's creative work. To view a broad portfolio of our advertising agency's creative work for residential realtors, commercial realtors, home re-modeling and construction visit Real Estate, Home Re-Modeling & Construction Advertising.

Agency Advertising, Florida Real Estate Client: John R Wood Realtors.

 Advertising Agency Florida Real Estate John R Wood

Agency Advertising, Florida Real Estate Client: Realm Commercial.

Advertising Agency Florida Commercial Real Estate

Advertising Agency, Florida Consumer Goods & Services.

Agency Advertising, Florida Consumer Goods & Services Clients (Retail & Online): The number of people buying homes & condos for permanent residence as well as for vacation purposes leads to a highly competitive marketplace for a variety of consumer goods & services. Our Florida Advertising Agency helps retailers thrive by ensuring that our consumer goods and services clients... Get More Customers.

The creative samples below of our Agency Advertising's Florida Consumer Goods and Services Advertising Campaigns for Clients provides a small peak into our Florida advertising agency's creative work. To view a broad portfolio of our Florida advertising agency's creative work for retail and online consumer goods and services advertisers visit Consumer Goods and Services Advertising.

Agency Advertising, Florida Retail Furniture Client: Denmark Interiors

Advertising Agency Florida Furniture Store

Agency Advertising, Florida Automotive Dealer: Volvo of Fort Myers

Advertising Agency Florida Auto Dealer Volvo

Q: What does your Florida Advertising Agency do to quickly improve my company's advertising effectiveness?

A: We built our Florida Advertising Agency's reputation for effective advertising that produces measurable results by understanding how today's consumer gathers information and makes decisions among competing brands. The Answer to More Effective Advertising Lies in the Questions We Ask Your Customers... and You... About Your Brand.

The days of automatic growth are over. Today, power flows from an increasingly informed & confident consumer. If you don't know how today's consumer gathers information & makes decisions on what brands to buy; you're going to be left behind in the race for new business.

Our Advertising Agency designed a unique, fact-based approach for creatively thinking about a business' advertising problems... and new ways to win in the marketplace.

  • The Q&A Advertising Audit provides a more effective structure for information gathering & organization. It helps you look at your bushiness in new ways. It deals specifically with the 'blind-spot problem' many businesses suffer from... the problem of 'not knowing what you don't know.'
  • The Q&A Advertising Audit generates all the relevant Facts needed for a fresh & accurate assessment of your advertising and marketing situation. It provides a well-rounded understanding of how the target consumer feels about your brand today, & Clarity about how you want the consumer to feel about your brand, after exposure to our Branding, Advertising & Web Marketing.
  • So, whether you need a more effective advertising approach to customer acquisition, enter new markets or turnaround a declining market; our unique Q&A Advertising Audit provides critical thought-leadership to energize your Advertising and grow your business efficiently, effectively and fast.

Q: How can a Florida Advertising Agency help my business get more customers?

A: Our Florida Advertising Agency's research & our client's results in the marketplace shows that frequent, highly visible & relevant advertising can influence peoples perceptions. Our Florida advertising agency develops measurable campaigns that favorably build confidence & trust in the brand being communicated. Ultimately, this shapes consumer behavior.

Whether or not it advertises, every company has an image or 'position' in the consumer’s mind. That position can either be Non-existent, due to a lack of awareness, Inaccurate, because of misinformation or Accurate. Research shows that, sooner or later, repeated exposure to an idea results in that idea being accepted as true, unless, of course, the idea is 'opposed.'

In most advertising agencies, there are two basic schools of thought on how to create effective advertising -- the 'creative advertising' camp and the 'content advertising' camp. After examining the business results of over three hundred advertising campaigns for our clients, we identified a third way: Content + Offer + Creative. We can even quantify the best mix of Content + Offer + Creative for your next advertising campaign.

Many advertising agencies focus their energy on creative execution. They like to point to their creative awards as proof of their effectiveness. To date, we've never seen any research that correlates the number of awards an agency has won to real world marketplace success for their clients. Drawing on real world marketplace results we've tested and learned that 3 things matter when it comes to an advertising campaign that drives business growth.

    • First, you must advertise to the right audience. Our test results show that advertising directed to the right audience can lift response rates by as much as 40%.
    • Second, you must advertise the right offer. Again, our test results show that advertising the right offer can lift response rates by as much as 40%.
    • Third, you must advertise the right message. Here our test results show that the right advertising message can lift response rates by as much as 20%.

Q: What has your Florida Advertising Agency learned about how consumers choose between competing brands?

A: Our Florida advertising agency's Consumer Decision-Making Model defines exactly how consumers move from brand indifference to brand advocacy.

Any firm seeking more sales first needs to know what position they hold in the 'mind of the marketplace' and then consistently communicate their most appropriate message to that marketplace with creative added-value persuasion.

Q: What does your Florida Advertising Agency mean by added-value persuasion?

A: Any marketing communications that identify or address a real consumer need/desire and then connects your Brand, Product, Service or Corporation in a way that makes potential customers believe your particular solution is the best possible solution to their particular need.

To create advertising that actually sells your product or service you must clearly identify the one thing most important to your core target customer, unique to your brand & provides an element for creative added-value persuasion.

Q: What does it cost for an Advertising Agency in Florida to produce an effective TV Advertising Commercial?

A: As an Advertising Agency in Florida, we enjoy several cost benefits that keep TV Advertising Commercial Production costs low.

For example, as an Advertising Agency in Florida, we produce effective, High-Definition, Broadcast-Quality, TV Advertising Commercials for as little as $1,500. This includes a Custom Script, use of Stock, High-Definition, Still Photos (library of 100,000 clips), Custom Company Graphics (website, logo, phone number), use of Stock Music, an Original Voice Over, Editing Services, Post-Production and Delivery of the TV Advertising Commercial to the TV Station or Cable Network.

At the other end of the spectrum, as an Advertising Agency in Florida, we produce effective, Film Style TV Advertising Commercials (High-Def, Broadcast Quality) with a Live Spokesperson, Custom Video and Custom Music for as little as $12,500 plus Travel and any Talent charges. . This includes a Custom Script, On-Site Film-Style Shoot (High-Definition, Video), Custom Company Graphics (website, logo, phone number), Custom Music, Complete Editing, Post-Production and Delivery to the Cable Network or TV Station.

In between the two examples detailed above, are a range of TV Advertising Commercial production options. Please see out TV Advertising page for more examples of TV Advertising Florida production costs

Q: What are Q&A Advertising Campaign Metrics?

A: They're our Florida Advertising Agency's unique, powerful and proprietary results analysis process for understanding a client's return on their advertising investment.

Q&A provides every client with Q&A Marketing Metrics for the express purpose of improving management's visibility into their advertising investment and to enable continuous advertising performance improvement.

Q&A Marketing Metrics are a fact-based approach that brings 'fresh-eyes' and adds new perspective to our client’s advertising performance. It summarizes the most critical advertising investment choices in a monthly advertising results review, which enables your team to grasp the inter-relationships of advertising investment choices. It also provides a framework for making the best strategic choices and trade-offs between competing advertising investments.

Q: What exactly do Q&A Marketing Metrics Measure?

A: For each client, we develop specific criterion that directly links their advertising investment to their business results.

We start by identifying those measures most appropriate to monitoring performance against specific objectives and that provide the most useful information for future advertising investment decision-making.

The selection of specific effectiveness, efficiency and customer satisfaction performance measures is a central part of Q&A's Advertising & Marketing Metrics process. In addition, we deploy those Metrics that help diagnose problems and/or identify new opportunities.

Q: How does my advertising, marketing & ultimately my business benefit from your Florida Advertising Agency's monthly Q&A's Marketing Metrics meeting?

A:  Q&A Marketing Metrics provide clients a documented, fact-based  method for making better creative, media & spending decisions.

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Before developing any advertising creative, our advertising agency completes a Q&A Brand Marketing Audit. This includes Voice of the Customer Research to develop new and unique insights into our client’s customers. It also includes a Competitive Analysis to identify new and unique sources of Competitive Advantage.

The output of a Q&A Brand Marketing Audit is a data-driven, fact-based, Q&A Messaging Strategy. Every Q&A Messaging Strategy answers the 3 Core Questions that must be answered to achieve effective advertising:

1. What’s Important to the Customer?
2. What’s Competitively Unique to Our Client?
3. What Can We Communicate Creatively.

The results of our Q&A Brand Marketing Audit for the Sanibel Island & Captiva Island Chamber of Commerce (the local Destination Marketing Organization or DMO) showed:

- From the Customers perspective, the Sanibel and Captiva Island visitor wanted to enjoy what many Florida travelers seek… a warm tropical climate, clean beaches, biking, golf, tennis, fishing, shelling, etc. (Nothing really new here.)

- From a Competitive perspective, the Islands offered many of the same things that other Florida beach towns offered… beaches, biking, golf, tennis, fishing, shelling, etc. (Again, nothing really new here.)

As we studied the results of our Q&A Brand Marketing Audit and dug deeper into the Voice of the Customer Research and Competitive Analysis, we identified a unique, new customer insight and source of competitive advantage.

Visitors expressed a desire to experience Florida, the way it used to be… That Customer Insight… coupled with our Competitive Understanding that the one thing DIFFERENT about Sanibel and Captiva Islands was that there were No Traffic Lights on the two islands led us to our Messaging and Creative Strategy:

- 250 Kinds of Shells.
- 230 Kinds of Birds.
- 50 Kinds of Fish.
- 22 Miles of Bike Paths.
- 15 Miles of Beaches.

To view the new TV advertising campaign, click below:

Q: What’s a Great Advertising Strategy to Break Thru the Noise?

A: A great TV Advertising Strategy – the kind that drives new web visits, call volume, store traffic, appointments, reservations, requests for proposal, etc. — always starts with a unique, new insight into your core customers. Turning insight into a TV Advertising Commercial that stands out and delivers the desired business results in an increasingly noisy marketplace requires the application of proven advertising techniques.

So what advertising techniques are proven to break through the noise and clutter? Let’s look at the TV Advertising research. M.J. Schlinger’s Viewer Reaction Profile (VRP) is a good place to start if you want to understand what make a TV Advertising Commercial effective.  Schlinger’s Viewer Reaction Profile measures a person’s level of agreement (strongly disagree to strongly agree) with 32 descriptive statements about the advertising. The 32 statements are then grouped into seven key TV Advertising Commercial effectiveness dimensions:

     1. Entertainment Value (seven statements).

     2. Confusion Factor (four statements).

     3. Relevant Information (five statements).

     4. Brand Reinforcement (two statements).

     5. Empathy Factor (five statements).

     6. Familiarity Factor (three statements).

     7. Alienation Factor (six statements).

According to Schlinger’s research, high ratings from viewers on the Entertainment,  Relevant and Empathy dimensions correlates to higher levels of TV Advertising effectiveness.  Specifically, high ratings from viewers on these specific questions about their reaction to your TV Advertising Commercial correlates to higher levels of TV Advertising effectiveness.

  1. The commercial was lots of fun to watch and listen to.

  2. I thought it was clever and entertaining.

  3. The enthusiasm of the commercial is catching-it picks you up.

  4. I appreciate that it wasn’t just selling the product; it was also entertaining me.

  5. The characters (or persons) in the commercial capture your attention.

  6. The commercial keeps running through your mind after you’ve seen it.

  7. The commercial gave me a new idea.

  8. The commercial told me about a new product and I think I’d like to try it.

  9. During the commercial I thought how that product might be useful to me.

  10. That’s a good brand and I wouldn’t hesitate recommending it to others.

  11. I know that the advertised brand is dependable and reliable.

  12. The commercial was very realistic-that is, true to life.

  13. I felt that the commercial was acting out what I feel at times.

  14. I felt like I was right there in the commercial experiencing the same thing.

  15. I learned something from the commercial that I didn’t know before.

Research Sources: Strasheim, Arien; Pitt, Leyland; Albert Caruana,. “Psychometric properties of the Schlinger Viewer Response Profile (VRP): Evidence from a large sample. (Report).” Journal of Advertising. 2007.George M. Zinkhan, Scot Burton (1989), “REFINING A MULTIDIMENSIONAL PROFILE FOR TELEVISION COMMERCIALS: AN APPLICATION OF TARGER ANALYSIS”, in Advances in Consumer Research Volume 16, eds. Thomas K. Srull, Provo, UT : Association for Consumer Research, Pages: 711-718.

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